Best Places To Live In Dubai 2022-23

Written by Roshal Mascarenhas

A simple Google search right at this very moment would give you a list of locations in Dubai where you can live. However, as brokers of the best luxury properties, we have taken it upon ourselves to give you a vigilant and informed insider's perspective on six locations with outstanding amenities, gorgeous views and above all – luxurious living.

‚ÄčThese six locations have distinctive features, each almost outdoing the other. Making a choice between these six is going to be a tough one for you, but we're here to help.

6 Best Residential Areas In Dubai

1. Emirates Hills

2. Sobha Hartland

3. District One

4. Al Barari

5. Arabian Ranches

6. Dubai Hills

1. Emirates Hills:

Emirates Hills Dubai

The reason why this location figures on the very top of our list is quite simple. The Emirates Hills, with its opulent views of the Dubai skyline is known as being Dubai's answer to Beverly Hills’. This location consists of the first freehold properties in the city which means, the owners of the properties in this lush green area have had the liberty to design their homes just how they imagined them to be.

It would be delightful to note that if you were to buy a proeprty for yourself here, you’ll just be living alongside the likes of eminent businessmen and foreign dignitaries. The villas of the Emirates Hills have been built around well-maintained golf courses, scenic landscapes with the city's skyline on the horizon, making Emirates Hills truly a diamond in the crown of Dubai.

Explore Some Of The Finest Properties In Emirates Hills

2. Sobha Hartland:

Sobha Hartland Dubai

Located near the Dubai Canal, Mohammad Bin Rashid City is slowly gaining popularity for its diverse styles of architecture, namely Mediterranean, Arabesque and Contemporary, that ooze a sense of luxury and panache like no other. For those who believe in enjoying the finer things in life, Sobha Hartland in Mohammad Bin Rashid City is where you will find your next luxury home.

The eight million square feet freehold community is also the only community that offers the best views of the ultra scenic Dubai Canal. This area is surrounded with an awe-inspiring 2.4 million square feet of lush verdant landscapes. Featuring an envious list of world-class amenities, Sobha Hartland puts safety and comfort of its residents above all else.

Find Some Of The Finest Properties In Sobha Hartland

3. District One:

District One Dubai

Another extravagant addition to Mohammed Bin Rashid City in Dubai is ‘District One’. Crafted to bring in ample amount of natural sunlight, the villas here are in close proximity to Downtown DubaiBusiness bay, and the ever-so-glamorous Burj Khalifa. The best advertising feature of these homes in District One is the characteristic ceiling to floor window panes, and that’s not even the best part.

What really sets District One apart from the rest of list is the sheer exuberance of the exteriors. With just one long look, the villas here seem to be a vibrant result of the love between artistic culture and thoughtful design to the keen eyes of luxury house-hunters.

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Check Some Of The Finest Properties In District One

4. Al Barari:

Al Barari Dubai

Sustainable luxury is a term that may have just set you thinking, but the chairman of Al Barari, Zaal Mohammad Zaal has breathed life into this very concept via the villas and residences that now proudly make the area their home ground. Conceptualized as a whole new way of living, a mind-boggling 60 percent of the development is made up of lush green space, themed gardens and freshwater streams.

The villas at Al Barari not only have state-of-the-art technology, they also hold the key to your heart. The location is soon gaining the top spot among home buyers for its proximity to nature, and for the immense thought behind the eco-friendly nature of these properties.

Look At Some Of The Finest Properties In Al Barari

5. Arabian Ranches:

Arabian Ranches

Known for being one of the most sought after properties, the Arabian Ranches is not just another development. It is a mammoth of a community that has within its gates a school, two malls and a golf club. It is located near the popular and culturally rich Global Village, a vibrant hub for tourism, mirroring which are the villas of The Arabian Ranches.

The architecture of these villas exhibit the values of simplicity, elegance and serenity. The exteriors are designed to flaunt the rich heritage of Dubai’s past and its glorious interactions with the diverse cultures of the world, making it the perfect choice for expats looking for a cross-cultural living experience.

Explore Some Of The Finest Properties In Arabian Ranches

6. Dubai Hills:

Dubai Hills

Overlooking a 18-hole championship golf course, is Mohammad Bin Rashid city’s glamorous lifestyle community called Dubai Hills. Albeit, only a limited villas are available in Dubai Hills Estate, but the chosen few who are lucky to make this location their next luxury home, get the marvellous opportunity to choose between different architectural styles that appeal to them most.

WIth 24-hour security, world class hotels, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and a whole list of food and beverage outlets, the residents of Dubai Hills will be living their dream life. Exclusivity is a gift given only to a chosen few and needless to say, the residents of Dubai Hills will have it all to themselves.

Check Some Of The Finest Properties In Dubai Hills