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?4 Unique Villas in Emirates Hills

2 May 2018 Written by Staff Writer

Emirates Hills was the first community in Dubai to sell freehold plots, providing the city’s expatriate population with the opportunity to not just purchase, but build their own homes. As a result, it is also a community where no two villas look quite the same as home owners put their personal stamp on the property, from the foundations to the finishes. Presented below is a small sampling of the uniquely designed villas you will find at Emirates Hills.

The Palatial Villa

Palatial Villa Emirates Hills
Located in the northern end of Emirates Hills, this villa has an exterior design that seems inspired by the beauty of the desert sands. The golden-hued façade is complemented by rustic brickwork, ornate balustrades, and wooden columns. The interior of the five-bedroom villa combines elements of classic and contemporary décor.

Marble flooring goes hand in hand with contemporary art pieces, classical busts, lights in the form of sconces and a spiral staircase that would fit right into the set of a period film. Even the backyard, with its piazza-like patio and columned pool lounge, exudes classical sophistication.

The Stately Villa

The Stately Villa
With an exterior design that is fairly simple yet also very regal. Sleek lines, clean shapes and square framed windows suggest a conservative and tasteful air, which is also reflected in the furnishings. No part of the interior design is opulent or over the top, making use of neutral colours for the most part with muted accents.

This is an estate home that tempers its refinement with a great sense of simplicity, letting the space speak for itself. The yard has a similar look of austerity to it, with a water feature by the front door and an arched wooden entrance being the only major stylistic flourishes.

The Contemporary Villa

The Contemporary Villa
This is a simplified angular façade with plentiful glass paneling to create a flow of light and air throughout the house. The interiors, with patterned ceilings, irregularly-shaped light fixtures and rich wooden accents, are eye-catching.

The bedrooms add a more traditional component, with decorative wooden headboards and even a four-poster bed in one room. As befits one of the finest contemporary homes on the market, all the furniture has been specially imported from Italy and Portugal, bearing the hallmarks of sophisticated European design. The villa also enjoys the most splendid lakeside views.

The Coastal Villa

The Coastal Villa
This is a home designed for sunny climates and would be well-suited to a Caribbean island or a private estate on the Mediterranean coast, with an architectural design that has elements of classical Spanish and Italian homes. The six-bedroom villa located in Sector W has a bright exterior palette, along with elaborate arches and intricate metalwork on the railings.

The interiors have the same sense of brightness, not just because of the full-height windows in every room, but the choice of light-colored marble flooring and bold-hued furnishings. Exquisite custom-crafted wood cabinetry adds an extra touch of elegance to the home, especially the gorgeous kitchen. The backyard pool has a covered lounge and pool done up in the style of a beachfront cabana.
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