The Most Exciting New Kitchen Design Ideas

Written by Hacker Kitchens

The kitchen world is ever changing. Whether you like to keep things simple or apply a bit of flash we have two kitchen design trends for you explained by Hacker Kitchens designer Cassidy Davis.

Best Kitchen Design Trends 2022

1. Minimalism 2. Metallics

1. Minimalism

Minimalism Kitchen Designs

Is minimalism a timeless trend? If yes, then why?

Minimalism will be and has been around for a long time. It allows you to free up your space and your mind with clean simple style. It creates a sense that each piece and decision is special and has reason, rather than that any piece could be thrown away and replaced easily.

How can colour be introduced into a minimalistic aesthetic without it being about boring neutral shades – accent chairs, statement walls, colourful art on a bare wall etc.?

Put in colour with intentionality. If you find a statement piece in a bright colour, put it in a defined spot to let it shine. The personality of the art piece or sculpture or even an entire large piece of bright furniture will come through when surrounded by pieces with less colour and texture. If you put a lot of colourful statement pieces together, that’s where you’ve crossed the line from minimal into eclectic.

How can we incorporate minimalism into spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen?

Tell a story with your palette. Even if you’ve only got a worktop stone, a door finish, and a tile as your textures, they can play well. Two ways to do minimal here: keep all finishes in the same family or make them completely contrasting. For example if you keep things similar you could have a blush tile, a warm white door finish, and a soft marble. In contrast you could also achieve minimalism with a steel counter, subway tile, and black matte doors. Be sure to avoid bold or graphic patterns on any minimalist option.

How can you Incorporate natural elements into your furniture and rooms such as wood, concrete and stone, as well as plants?

Pick your star and let it shine. Wood, concrete, stone, etc. combined are beautiful, but they do not achieve minimalism if each texture is equal. For example, if you have a live-edge wood bar, keep the others as accents. Or if you have your favourite plant, put it on an island and do not over accessorise around it.

2. Metallics

Metallics Kitchens Designs

What are the trending metallics this year – is it copper or brass and gold accents or pewter? Can they be mixed and matched?


I've noticed a trend back to the brighter metallics. The 90’s is making a comeback and even the metals have gone back to that very reflective artificial texture. So don’t be afraid to go bold.


What makes metallic a great option for summer?


For summer some of my personal favorites would be rose gold and copper. One is more glamorous and one is more natural. But rose gold feels fresh like a resort. While copper reminds me of being outside in the fresh air.


Tell us some interesting ways to incorporate metallics into spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen?


Incorporate metals into your home a no-fail way with a light fixture. There are endless options and many welders who can even create custom works. If looking for just a pop, then I recommend metallic sink taps to many of my clients.  For example Dornbracht and Quooker offer brushed metals in numerous colors on theirs.


Thanks so much for the tips, Cassidy.

You're welcome!

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