Interior Design Trends for 2022-23 - Home Decor Guide

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Well-planned design can often mark the difference between a house and a home. With the right look, you build a space that is uniquely yours and makes a strong impression on your guests as well. Surface Design Middle East, one of the largest interior design exhibitions in the region, is always on top of the latest design trends in the market and has been looking at some of the ideas that have been gaining traction of late. These are some of the most popular interior design trends you can expect to see more of in 2023.

1. Cultural Identity 2. Natural Materials 3. Colours That Make a Statement
4. Minimalism 5. Personal Space

Cultural Identity

Cultural Home Design

In this case, we are not simply talking about bespoke design elements or specially handcrafted pieces, but designs that have a strong cultural connection. While European-inspired interiors and contemporary aesthetics are and will no doubt continue to be popular, more and more homeowners are looking to make their home a reflection of their heritage. The clean-cut minimalism of modern design is infused with rustic traditional flourishes to create something wholly unique and indicative of an individual personality and lifestyle.

Natural Materials

Natural Materials Home Decor

This is hardly a new trend and can be seen across a variety of properties, from upcoming beachfront projects to villas in established family communities. Wood, stone and marble can add a beautiful finish to any home and are increasingly being used in a manner that brings an understated level of elegance. A similar emerging trend is the use of larger tiles and seamless joinery, essentially masking the artificial nature of home interiors while creating a cleaner look.

Colours That Make a Statement

Interior Home Design

The benefit of buying a brand new unfurnished home or a ‘shell and core’ unit is that you get to outfit the interior space as you please. And nothing makes a design more distinctive than a strong use of colour. While the use of black and grey tones to create a high contrast is always a bold choice, bright and saturated colours are more on trend. Pair bright and sunny oranges with cool shades of blue or add a dash of lime green in your accents. Consider playing with both colour and texture until you end up with a combination that is truly unique.


Interior Design

This is another trend that has been noticeable in upcoming developments, exemplifying the old adage ‘less is more’. Sweeping shapes and a limited palette can be used effectively to create a striking and uncomplicated look. When combined with bold colours and natural finishes, you can craft a home that is artful in its presentation without appearing too extravagant or cluttered.

Personal Space

Customized Home Design

Ultimately, what any homeowner wants is to put their own stamp on a home, to let their personality and tastes shine through the look and feel of the interior space. At the same time, comfort is essential. While design was once dictated primarily by aesthetic appeal, homes nowadays are striking a balance between form and functionality. With a wider range of customized design options to choose from, it is crucial to find what best suits you. You want to avoid finding yourself in a situation where extensive renovations and upgrades will be required in a year or two to fix a design that was never quite right to begin with.

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