Changing Home Decor Trends in 2023

Written by Arpan Ghosh

In a world that was constantly on the move, the home had become more of a symbol or a statement than an actual space to be occupied. For the busy professionals, it was primarily there for eating and sleeping (and often just for the latter), while others used it to create lavish displays for visiting guests. There was a time when our clients could very easily choose to purchase a home purely on its aesthetic appeal. However, lockdowns and extended periods of remote working have changed our attitudes toward our homes and as a result, our approach to home decor. Here are a few of the interior design trends that we can expect to see throughout 2023, and perhaps beyond.

Top Interior Design Trends 2022-23

1. Minimalism is Out 2. Beauty You Can Feel
3. Multi Functional Design 4. Everything Under One Roof

Minimalism is out

1. Minimalism is Out


Minimalist spaces have been very popular over the past few years, particularly among the millennial crowd. It was a smart choice for people who spent a lot of time outside the house. There was never much need for anything fancy or too decorative - a clean, efficiently designed room is good enough if that’s where you’ll come just to eat and lay down for the night. Since COVID, we have all been spending more time indoors, whether it’s because of quarantine, lockdown, or working from home. That can be a maddening prospect if you’re just going to spend your time staring at stark white walls or a handful of boxy shelves. As much as we love the simple beauty of Scandinavian-inspired design, we this year will be all about creating sumptuous feasts for the eye.

Luxury Home Design Trends

Bold colours will be much more in fashion this year, as we will all be seeking to add that extra pop or burst of excitement to our living spaces. Warm tones - reds, oranges and yellows - are at the top of the list, as everyone wants their home to have a sense of warmth and comfort to it. However, we can also expect to see blues, greens and purples in vibrant shades rather than cool, lifeless pastels. Art is also more on trend than ever - from paintings to sculptures, the works of famous artists and pieces crafted by small-time artisans.

2. Beauty You Can Feel


There will be much more emphasis on texture as a part of design as well. Touch is after all one of our most powerful senses, and furniture that has the right feel to it helps to enhance our sense of comfort. While rich leather and polished wood make for sophisticated and eye-catching finishes, 2023 will bring with it an aesthetic that is more raw and organic, something that speaks more to individual personalities.

Beauty you can feel

It could be as simple as a sofa cushion with a ridged cover, or something more complex like a ‘green’ wall. Design with a tactile element can be expected to take some truly unique forms this year.

3. Multi-functional Design


Working from home and distance learning became a prominent part of our daily lives in 2020, altering the way we structure our days, and also our homes. Function has overtaken form in post-pandemic design - it simply is not enough for a piece of furniture to look good, it needs to enhance the space in some way. A classic example would be a bed with built-in storage underneath, or seats that can be folded and stowed away to create more space.

Multi-functional design
Multi-functional design 2

Space is something that we are all looking at more carefully, especially in family setups where the parents may need to attend online meetings while sitting at home while the children are in virtual classrooms. There are more creative uses of space, particularly in smaller homes that might not provide the luxury of a separate office or study room. A living room can be easily divided up into a lounge and a work area through the use of cleverly placed furniture - for example, a desk that runs perpendicular to the orientation of the living room furniture so it stands out as its own space. Bedroom layouts can be altered in similar ways to create study nooks.

4. Everything Under One Roof

Everything under one roof
Everything under one roof 2

A growing trend, particularly among villa owners, is the requirement for a home that comes packed with amenities. Going out right now can be risky at worst, but at best, it is a hassle - with masks and sanitisation and everything else that comes with it. It’s so much easier if you can have everything you need without even having to walk out the front door. A night out at the movies? Spend that time relaxing in your home theatre instead. Want to get more out of your gym membership? You’d be better off outfitting yourself with a good home gym. Dining out? No need to bother when you can whip up a gourmet meal in a kitchen that is equipped with an incredible array of appliances and has its own dining space. Indeed, well-designed kitchens are highly in demand, even more than they were previously.

Apartment dwellers are seeking the same comforts from their homes, tying into the previous point about making good use of space - a living room that’s arranged so that it can incorporate a workout area, a bedroom with a viewing screen and projector installed, and a kitchen that is well laid out with a breakfast counter.

Everything under one roof 3
Everything under one roof 4

As a result of the pandemic, design has become a much stronger form of self-expression than it ever was. Throughout 2023, the one trend we can be sure of is one where homeowners and tenants really let their personalities shine through in their choice of decor, and design spaces that address their needs and wants rather than just being easy on the eyes.

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