World's First Floating Restaurant In Dubai

Written by Ameena Navab

It’s safe to say that Dubai is no stranger to different and creative ideas, especially when it comes to dining concepts. Notable examples include Ossiano, the underwater seafood restaurant at the Atlantis, and Kohantei, the newly opened Japanese restaurant at the Dubai Opera that serves up an eclectic menu served in a very traditional fashion. Now Dubai is planning to set up the world’s first floating kitchen. It is going to be a floating food truck named ‘Aqua Pod’ and will be taking to Dubai’s shores later this month. This intriguing new ‘restaurant’ will primarily be serving burgers, with a menu that might expand into pizzas and desserts over time.

The Aqua Pod - First Floating Kitchen In Dubai


Ahmad Yousuf, founder of Aquatic Architects Design Studio, the main consultant and builder for the Aqua Pod, explained, “The Aqua Pod is able to move around and relocate depending on consumer demand. The main areas we are going to be serving at the start will be in Jumeirah, so places like Al Sufouh Beach, Kite Beach, and the Palm Lagoon.”


Picture Courtesy of GlobeTrender

The Aqua Pod is designed to cater primarily to water-based clients over land-based ones. According to Yousuf, there are two ordering methods.

The first is a flag system. A delivery jet-ski will take flags to Aqua Pod’s neighboring boats and yachts. Anyone who wishes to place an order has to raise their flag, and the delivery jet-ski will come back, take the order, and then deliver the food when it’s ready. The second option is to order directly at the Aqua Pod. This one is for those riding smaller marine vehicles, such as jet skis or small boats. The guests can simply pull up at the pod and place their order with the cashier.

The pod will run electrically and has a built-in system that can collect any trash found in the sea, so there will be no issues of water-related pollution from waste.


Dubai has several exciting new waterfront destinations in the pipeline, such as Dubai Harbour and The World Islands, which will no doubt give this new concept plenty of traction over the coming years. At the very least, the residents of Dubai's new floating villas will definitely have their food delivery issues sorted.

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