Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas in 2022-23

3 November 2020 Written by Staff Writer

When redesigning your kitchen, you will come across hundreds of designs and styles, which can get overwhelming and be ultimately unhelpful.

We are not here to overload you with information. This article delivers ideas and inspirations for your kitchen remodeling in a systematic way. After countless hours of research studying designs from top architects and interior designers, we have put together the following ideas.

Top 17 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas​ In 2022-23

1. Take Some Time to Make a Plan 2. Pick A theme 3. Kitchen Layout Designs
4. Work Triangle 5. Task Zone Layout 6. Hybrid Layout
7. Layout Shapes 8. Cabinets 9. Stove
10. Refrigerator 11. Furnishing and Appliances 12. Kitchen Sink
13. Kitchen Faucet 14. Counter Tops 15. Other Furniture
16. Light The Workplace 17. Color & finish
Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas in 2020

Take Some Time to Make a Plan

It’s easy to be baffled by the design options available to you when you don’t quite know where to start. It is important to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve in terms of the aesthetic. First of all, you have to have a clear idea of the following things:

  • Your remodeling budget
  • Purpose of remodeling
  • Size of your kitchen

Once you know where the limits are, you can move on to exploring on to different concepts and designs.

Pick a Theme

Having a theme is integral to the design process. What kind of atmosphere do you want your kitchen to have? There are several options available to you.

Classical Rustic
Country farmhouse Craftsman
Professional Cottage
Contemporary Modern
Luxury Gourmet
Retro Asian
Mediterranean Electric
Take Some Time to Make a Plan

Kitchen Layout Designs

If you are going for a full makeover, the layout is your blueprint and the first decision.

The layout considers the flow of people, limiting the distance between key appliances, limitations of space and making it larger, and the number and size of your appliances, etc.

Here are some design ideas to create a seamless kitchen plan.

Work Triangle

Developed by the Illinois School of Architecture in the 40’s, the working triangle is always on trend, and is very effective. Essentially, the triangle minimizes the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink to create a smooth workflow from getting ingredients out of the fridge to preparing them. An island helps with that immensely, allowing you to have a tightly managed plan.

Task Zone Layout

With this layout, the kitchen is divided into distinct zones – it works especially well in very large kitchens. The zones could be roughly divided up as follows:

  • Food storage zone: Pantry, refrigerator
  • Prep zone: Oven, prep sink, cutting area, mixing
  • Cook zone: Cooktop, hood
  • Cleaning zone: Main sink, Dishwasher, garbage & compost bin, cleaning storage

Hybrid Layout

This is where you break the rules. Think of the problems, limitations, and resources you have and design your kitchen based on the established design Ideas. It works great with small kitchen ideas on a budget.

Layout Shapes

The popular kitchen layout shapes are:

  • U-shaped
  • L-shaped
  • Island floor plan
  • G-shaped kitchen/ Peninsula kitchen
  • Galley kitchen
  • One wall kitchen

Most of them are exactly what they sound like. Galley kitchens are sandwiched between two long parallel walls, whereas one-wall kitchens are typically found in smaller apartments.

Kitchen Layout Designs


You have the counter cabinets and wall cabinets. There are literally hundreds of variations of their designs, and all of them are usable. I am not going to list them all, but my biggest tip would be to streamline the storage area and to keep the pantry concealed. Open shelving makes good use of the ambient light, but has a messiness to its look, so I would suggest avoiding that option.


Again you have hundreds of designs here. So, you are free to explore. However, I prefer electric stoves. But don't skip the gas burners altogether. You can also get a video interactive range.


This is the place where the most traffic is. So, try to place it near the door to minimize interruption. If you are buying a new one, don't skimp because it is one of the most important appliances in your whole house.

Refrigerator in Your Kitchen

Furnishing and Appliances

There isn't much brainstorming here. Just balance your needs to your budget. However, there are a few tips that can help with picking out the right furnishing and appliances.

Kitchen Sink

This is the most important part of your kitchen and this is the first thing you want to pick. First of all, you have to determine the type of kitchen sink you want in your new kitchen.

My advice is to get a double-bowl undermount sink on an island. There should be three or four holes in that. I also love apron front sinks made of granite composites and quartz. If you have a nice counter to go with it, you will be bowled over by the look. You should also have a prep sink and prep faucet to go with it.

Kitchen Faucet

The next most important thing is the faucet, of which there are many types as well. My advice would be to get a touch activate kitchen faucet. They don't cost as much as they used to do. But they will get you to another world of convenience.

At the very least, you should get a touchless kitchen faucet - you really shouldn't skimp on it at all. A pull-down feature with multiple functions and a dispenser is also necessary.

Counter Tops

There are two things to decide here: material and finish. The best materials and their main features are:

  • Laminate- Inexpensive, various colors
  • Wood- Durable, convenient, fairly expensive
  • Granite- Premium natural stone, expensive, durable
  • Quartz- Manmade stone and better than granite
  • Marble- Adds real state value, expensive
  • Soapstone- Deep rich color, might change color over time
  • Limestone- Many variations available and relatively affordable, seam problem
  • Ceramic tile- Affordable, grout lines

I love the blue Bahia granite, which is one of the most expensive varieties of granite in the world. There are other tops like steel and concrete but I won't recommend those unless that is part of the specific look you’re going for.

Other furniture

Other Furniture

Dishwashers and hoods are also essential. If you have a large kitchen you can add other furnishing options like:

  • Small breakfast area
  • Some chairs
  • Mini office
  • Cabinet for oven
  • Bistro Table

Light the Workplace

You don’t really need much guidance when it comes to lighting, but here are a few general tips:

  • Try to use more mirrors
  • Use natural light as much as you want
  • Light the inside of your cabinets or use glass doors that will let light in

Color & Finish

This is one of the most fun parts of kitchen design (or home design in general) as you get to pick the palette that best reflects you. I personally love hues of black and white with granite tops and wooden flooring.

There are some simple tips that can help you pick the best colors:

  • Try to keep it simple because fancy colors aren't always trending
  • You may use reflective surfaces
  • Use tiles and backsplash to create patterns
  • Take inspiration from the surroundings
  • Have nice transition colors
Tips to Design Your Kitchen

9 Tips for Designing a Kitchen

Here are some kitchen remodeling tips from professionals:

  • Always keep the stove on an exterior wall
  • Try to keep the stove away from the fridge, doorway, or the sink
  • Try to use mirrors
  • Don't overdo the décor
  • Don't forget to use the wall space
  • Use vertical patterns and other designs that focus on the whole wall
  • The island shouldn't be too close or too far
  • Embrace existing quirks
  • Try to cover the hood

Alternative Ideas

  • Don't afraid to be a little unique:
  • You can use wallpaper
  • Conceal things in the wall with folding wood pocket doors
  • Add some vegetation
  • Look for glam in a budget
  • You can create a mud zone to reduce traffic
  • Foldable counter extensions are an option

Final Thoughts

We are not here to show you nice pictures of other people's kitchens. We are here to make other people look at yours with awe. However, changing your kitchen, or even just part of it, is hard work. And you have already done the most crucial part by reading this article. Now get your blueprint out and let your imagination run wild.