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Dubai Marina Area Guide

28 January 2018 Written by Staff Writer

Once a small cluster of waterfront high-rises on the very outskirts of the city, Dubai Marina has gradually changed into a key residential and leisure district. It holds the claim of being the world’s largest man-made marina and also contains one of the city’s most popular beaches.
Made by carving a channel to create an artificial waterfront, the Marina is essentially split into two districts. Part of it is an island, which houses the area known as Jumeirah Beach Residence. It connects to the rest of the district on the mainland through a series of bridges. 

1. Something For Every Lifestyle

Dubai Marina Yacth Club
Last year, Dubai Marina was the most popular community (tied with Downtown) in terms of apartments. It has been near, if not at the top of the list for a number of years. With its beachside location and premium facilities, it’s the right fit for dynamic young professionals and fledgling families.

​When it comes to living options, it really does have a little something for everyone, boasting the ‘tallest block in the world’, a cluster of high-rises where the shortest building stands no less than 350 metres high. There are several mid-range options available, as well as affordable luxury villas in Dubai Marina,in Studio One, and also Dubai Marina penthouses.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are options, which features this fantastic townhouse.

2. Haven of Leisure

Dubai Marina Pier 7
Dubai Marina is a small city in its own right, encompassing a wide range of lifestyle experiences in its 4-square kilometer area. The Marina Walk, which is the promenade that rings the marina itself, is home to a large variety of dining options, ranging from charming roadside cafes to fine dining restaurants with beautiful waterfront terraces.

Grosvenor House and Pier 7 are the two main highlights when it comes to food. The former houses several gourmet restaurants helmed by Michelin-star chefs and the latter is a 7-storey tall cylindrical structure with a restaurant spanning each floor and a glass-fronted exterior that provides it with 360° views of the entire district.

Also along the marina is the Dubai Marina Mall, the main retail hub in the area.

3. Waterfront Living Redefined

Dubai Marina Waterfront View
Though Dubai is not short of exceptional waterfront destinations, none has quite captured the city the same way that the Marina has. As the district continues to develop, a number of new attractions are on the horizon that will help maintain its position as the city’s ultimate waterfront district. The two developments we are keen on seeing soon are: