8 Apartments with the Best Dubai Marina Views

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Staying at home in Dubai Marina gives you plenty of alternatives to the usual routine. You could read a new book, discover an addictive new TV series, ignite a passion for cooking, and so much more. And during those quiet moments when there’s not much else to do, there’s no better way to spend your time than enjoying a beautiful waterfront view. These are some of the best apartments looking out over the gorgeous Dubai Marina.

9 Best Marina View Towers in Dubai Marina

1. Beauport 2. Cayan Tower 3. Le Reve
4. Marina Gate 5. Sparkle Towers 6. Silverene Towers
7. Al Sahab 8. Attessa TowerS 9. Marina View Towers


1. Beauport

An exclusively listed and beautifully designed two-bedroom Beauport apartment in the heart of the Marina district, this apartment is one of the few that enjoys an uninterrupted Marina view from every single room. And of course, there is a sizeable balcony too.

Cayan Tower

2. Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower is one of the most visually striking and tallest towers in Dubai Marina, with a very stylish interior design and an abundance of space for all your needs. Needless to say, the views are absolutely incredible.

Le Reve

3. Le Reve

One of the most popular luxury towers in the city, Le Reve counts many a celebrity, including famous footballers among its residents. There are only 80 penthouses for sale in Dubai Marina available with sizes that go up to 18,000 sq ft, providing you more than enough living space as well as large windows that look out onto incredible panoramas.

Marina Gate

4. Marina Gate

This three-tower complex sits at the gateway to Dubai Marina, which means that you get to look out over the entire district and the stunning waterway that stretches across the heart of it. All of the Marina Gate apartments are finished to perfection and benefits from the services and facilities of the renowned Jumeirah Group.

Sparkle Towers

5. Sparkle Towers

One of the newer additions to the district, Sparkle Towers contains a unique design element that incorporates 1,700 LED lights into its facade, giving it the eponymous sparkle. The interiors feature even more sparkle courtesy of Swarovski crystal design elements. This is one of the best residential towers providing high-end apartments.

Silverene Towers

6. Silverene Towers

Hazel Wong, the acclaimed architect who designed the Emirates Towers, also lent her unique design sensibilities to Silverene Towers. It is perfectly positioned in a central part of the Marina and the views at night are especially breathtaking.

Al Sahab

7. Al Sahab

This twin-tower development is relatively understated, without the celebrity endorsements of some of its peers, but the living experience is no less refined. It is located right next to the Marina Promenade and in quite a prime part of the district. We are marketing the only property in the Al Sahab building that has a terrace, making it truly one of a kind.

Attessa Tower

8. Attessa Tower

Located in JBR, which is part of the larger Marina district, Attessa Tower has the double benefit of looking out over one of the world’s best yacht marinas while also being a short walk away from a vibrant beach. As far as locations go, it doesn’t get much better.

Marina View Towers

9. Marina View Towers

The Marina View Towers blend modern living and high-standard facilities to boast a contemporary lifestyle with their sleek architecture and ample access to natural light and ventilation. Each tower has two basements, a ground floor with 23 additional floors. There are a total of 410 apartments in the complex, each designed to enjoy the stunning views of the Marina. A skybridge connects the towers on the 20th floor, which houses a gym, swimming pool, and other recreation facilities.

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