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Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?

20 September 2020 Written by Staff Writer

Palm Jumeirah is one of the world’s most incredible man-made marvels, and it is perhaps fitting that this island should be home to a few marvels of its own. Of course, you have the awe-inspiring Atlantis Resort and the upcoming Royal Atlantis, which will set a new standard when it comes to architecture. Then you have the Palm Fronds, strips of land spreading out from the heart of the island, each one an exclusive neighbourhood unto itself. And within those neighbourhoods, you will find marvels that are on a much smaller scale but no less impressive. The villa, the most luxurious homes on the island, often serve as canvases for the imaginative homebuyer who more often than not alters the layout and design from its original schematic into something unique with a ton of visual flair.

Frond F, Signature Villa

Situated on Frond F, this Signature Villa is one of those marvels, a fact that is perhaps not as evident at first look. The outer facade, white and angular, carves an imposing figure to be sure, but does not fully prepare you for the visual feast that awaits you inside. The house is a Grand Courtyard type, which naturally features a grand courtyard at the centre, around which the rest of the home flows. However, the current owners have upgraded the villa and reworked the layout, extending the area as well to create an even grander sense of space.

So what sets this apart from the standard Signature Villa? For one, the choice of materials. Most villas on the Palm feature marble and stone by the quarryful, with polished floors and gleaming staircases. Not so in this house, which opts for a refined European aesthetic with gorgeous wood flooring that creates a warm and homely effect while also adding in an undeniable sense of style. However, the allure of marble cannot be ignored and thus the foyer, which forms the centre of the ground floor (and replaces the traditional courtyard) is decked out in marble. You will also find marble surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as marble walls, though the floors in all of these rooms are wood as well. In terms of detail and finishing, there is no compromise.

Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?

From the foyer, you can walk into the formal living room that sits at the rear of the house and is cleverly set up so it can be turned into one triple-sized lounge - two outdoor lounges flank the living room space and sliding glass doors allow for a seamless connection between them. There is a second, informal lounge at the side of the villa that adjoins the formal dining room and thanks to a wooden pocket door, can be sealed off to give you a bit more privacy. If you’re not quite in the mood for guests, you can retire to the gorgeous wood-finished study (which has two glass walls in case you want to keep an eye on what’s happening around you).

Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?

What really gives the ground floor that extra bit of oomph, however, is the kitchen. To simply call it a wood-finished kitchen would not do it justice. This is the sort of room that was made for lifestyle magazines, exuding style and refinement from every corner. All of the countertops are marble, as is the backsplash, to add a cool contrast to its overall warmth. There is a central island that serves double duty as a worktop and a breakfast table, plus the kitchen has its own separate dining table. The icing on the cake? A picture window that lets you enjoy a clear view of the Arabian Sea and the Atlantis resort as you whip up a gourmet meal.

Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?

The upper floor is horseshoe-shaped, following the look of the original Grand Courtyard design. There is a void that looks out over the foyer, and a terrace at the rear of the villa. All five bedrooms are arranged around the horseshoe, and have pocket doors, a clever design choice that allows you to make the entire floor open plan if you choose to. Each bedroom is a suite, naturally, with built-in closets and bathrooms that have the same beautiful blend of wood and marble that you find in the kitchen. The master suite is undoubtedly the piece resistance, featuring a dressing room (with marble-topped shelves and dressers), plus a stunning master bath with a freestanding tub. Wake up every day to a view of the magnificent Royal Atlantis gleaming on the horizon. What better way to start the morning?

Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?Could This Be Dubai's Best Beachfront Home?

Alternatively, you might prefer to enjoy that view from your backyard, especially as the weather starts to cool down. Aside from two lounge areas, one of which is covered, the backyard contains an immense lawn, an infinity pool, and a stretch of private beach. Whether you want a lazy spot to relax on the weekend or an ideal vantage point for enjoying the Palm’s world-famous New Year’s fireworks display, this is the right spot for you.

Design. Location. Ambiance. This home has it all in spades. It truly is a marvel among marvels. Experience this contemporary European haven for yourself by contacting our Private Client Advisory team today.