6 of Dubai's Best Veterinary Clinics

For all good owners, pets are an integral part of their family and they need just as much care as their human relatives. However, with over 400 vets in Dubai how do you know the good from the not so good and make a choice for your furry friend? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the options - this list is by no means exhaustive and we recommend that you visit several vets before making a final choice.

Remember; Vaccinations, a microchip and Municipality registration are vital for your pet in Dubai.

1. Canadian Vet Clinic

Canadian Vet Clinic

Founded in 2013, Canadian Vet Clinic is located in Al Wasl, Jumeirah but they also have two branches in Abu Dhabi. They have a “holistic treatment approach” with their team of dedicated professionals offering a full spectrum of general veterinary services including vaccinations, microchipping, neutering / spaying and dentistry.

In addition, they offer grooming as well as pet travel / relocation, with a separate team available for consultation and management. Their relocation experts will carry out compliance reviews, submit all required documentation and oversee all aspects of your pets actual travel including scheduling and vet appointments at the start and end of their journey. Open from 09:00 - 22:00 Saturday - Thursday, you can contact the clinic on 04 328 3777.

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2. Noble Vet


Noble Vet

Founded by Dr. Soheyl Simaei in 2006, the clinic’s mission is “to do whatever possible to serve and treat patients, every pet deserves the best in life”. They have a well-qualified team of vets and support staff, all committed to providing the very best veterinary care to every patient they see.

As well as general vet services such as vaccinations, deworming and microchipping, they also offer dentistry, surgery and have an in-house laboratory for quick test results. Rounding out their service list is grooming (both in-clinic and mobile) and acupuncture. They are open seven days a week from 07:00 - 22:00 and also have a 24/7 emergency service. You can contact the main clinic on 04 885 9800.

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3. Harmony Vet Clinic


Harmony Vet Clinic

Whilst Harmony Vet Clinic is nowhere near as big as some of the other practices on this list, it is still a fantastic option with diligent, committed staff and a clear ethos. Dr. Karim (known as DK) has extensive experience and is a favorite vet amongst the rescue community in Dubai, favored for his gentle approach and in-depth knowledge. He is supported by excellent admin staff who are deeply passionate about animals and their welfare.

Due to its small size, the clinic currently only offers general veterinary services such as vaccinations and consultations from their practice in International City (French Cluster) but DK can make recommendations for specialists if your pet requires something more specific. He also does house calls across most of Dubai (evenings only) and is very competitively priced. You can contact the clinic on 056 687 8500.

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4. British Veterinary Hospital


British Veterinary Hospital

One of the best known clinics on this list, British Veterinary Hospital has an incredibly strong team of British-trained vets led by Dr. Sara Elliott. As well as their first clinic in Al Wasl, they have also opened a branch in Dubai Marina to service even more of Dubai’s pet population.

Naturally, they have an excellent service list for routine clinical appointments but they also have a state of the art theatre for specialist surgeries, meaning you can be sure your pet is in great hands. On top of that, they also offer relocation services and pet boarding - if you have to travel without your pet, what better place to leave them than with a medical professional? If you’re unable to make it to either of their clinics, they offer tele-consultations for minor issues.

Spending money on your pet is inevitable, but at this clinic you can earn rewards and get benefits such as discounts on other services with their “Myvet.club” - call the clinic on 04 321 8556 for more details!

5. Al Barsha Vet Clinic (ABVC)


Al Barsha Vet Clinic (ABVC)

As the name suggests, this clinic can be found in Al Barsha! Open from 08:00 - 22:00 Saturday - Thursday and 08:00 - 20:00 on Friday, ABVC boasts an onsite pharmacy as well as a diverse and experienced team undertaking all facets of general veterinary medicine. If you can’t make it to the clinic, they offer house calls and can also assist with pet travel / relocation.

The clinic has a strong community focus and every February, they undertake a month of TNR - trap, neuter, release - to support local rescue groups. They also offer advice on what to do if you find an injured stray or wild animal and “final care” support for those difficult goodbyes. If their range of services and well-equipped facilities aren’t enough, they also offer a loyalty programme - for every dirham spent, you accumulate points which translates into credit. There are differing levels, starting at 2% credit for every 3,000 dhs spent annually. For more details, or to book an appointment, you can call the clinic on 04 340 8601.

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6. 2 Feet 4 Paws


2 Feet 4 Paws

Closing out our list is a clinic based in Dubailand (Wadi Al Safa 5 to be more precise) which offers something a little different to the rest of the clinics we’ve explored - exotic pet care. Apparently, an ‘exotic’ is classed as any animal that’s not a cat or dog which does mean that (technically) rabbits and hamsters are exotic! Technicalities aside, they have two vets who are dedicated to exotic care, meaning you can be sure your pet is in excellent hands. They do also cover all aspects of general veterinary medicine and can advise on pet nutrition.

The clinic opened in 2015 and is British owned / managed - they pride themselves on being “small and family orientated” with a focus on the “highest quality, ethical and animal-centred care”. They are open from Sunday - Thursday 08:00 - 22:00, Friday 09:00 - 17:00 and Saturday 08:00 - 18:00, you can contact them on 04 552 0213 for appointments.

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As Dubai becomes more pet friendly, animal-focused services become more diverse and easily accessible. More and more areas are opening up to pet owners which means that wherever you choose to live in the city, you won’t be far from dog parks, vets and pet shops. If you’re relocating to Dubai from UK or moving within the city please contact our Private Client Advisors who have all the information you need for a smooth transition.