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A Guide to the Leading Schools Near Jumeirah Golf Estates

14 June 2024 Written by Staff Writer

As a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city of the future, Dubai places a significant emphasis on safety and security, making these qualities integral to daily life. This commitment has earned Dubai the reputation of being the safest city in the world. For families considering a move, it's worth noting that the area offers excellent educational options, including highly regarded Jumeirah Golf Estates schools, ensuring a well-rounded and secure environment for children.

JGE is also in close proximity to some of the finest schools in Dubai, offering different types of programs. In this article, we will explore the leading schools and what’s unique about each.


Best Schools in Jumeirah Golf Estates

1. Victory Heights Primary School 2. GEMS United School 3. Sunmarke School

1. Victory Heights Primary School

Jumeirah Golf Estates schools

The school enrolls students from Foundation 1 to Year 6, and hence, for secondary education, the child will have to be transferred to a different school. VHPS also holds the distinction of being part of British Schools of the Middle East (BSME), the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and British Schools Overseas.

VHPS is renowned for fostering innovation and stimulating positive thought among its students. The campus is equipped with ultra-modern facilities such as, modern computers, multi-functional sports halls, a well-stocked library and different art rooms for creative expression.

Ranked “very good” by the KHDA, VHPS can serve as an ideal platform for a child to receive critical early education that would underpin success in their later lives. The school prioritizes quality over quantity, as reflected by a teacher to student ratio of 1:15. The school also has the infrastructure to support students with learning disabilities, and provides additional tutoring to help them in their quest for learning.

What’s Unique About Them:

Focuses on inculcating important soft skills among children from the grassroots level.


2. GEMS United School

GEMS United School

The GEMS education group needs no second introduction; the school consistently ranks as the best in the country and has set benchmarks for others to follow. GEMS United School is quite close to JGE, and has in fact enrolled plenty of children from the Golf Estate. Having adopted the American curriculum, GEMS focuses on the Common Core and Advanced Placement curriculum that integrates the latest modules into their curriculum.

GEMS offers admissions from Pre-KG to Grade 12. The school places great emphasis on developing trust, effective communication skills, and encourages ideas and innovation. The school has currently enrolled more than 600 students and 72 full-time instructors.

Ranked by KHDA “as good”, the school is spearheaded by a qualified team of US educationists. The curriculum is expertly crafted to meet global standards, while ensuring the students stay at top of their coursework. GEMS’ philosophy is to encourage students to think outside the box, and find their calling. Kids are always motivated by their instructors to pursue their interests and the same is communicated to their parents.

The school offers flexible payment options and offers discount on referrals. GEMS also awards scholarships to students who excel in academia, performing arts, sports and innovation.

What’s Unique About Them:

Globally recognized education at a reasonable price point.

3. Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School

One of the most ambitious institutes in Dubai, Sunmarke is a disruptive and transformative school that focuses on creating multiple pathways for its pupils. In fact, in the UAE, no other school offers such wide subject choices to meet students’ aspirations. Moreover, the school appoints in house career counselors who gauge every child’s interests and skills, and subsequently advice on suitable career choices to students and relay the same to parents.

Technology is at the heart of Sunmark’s teaching philosophy. The school’s tech infrastructure includes Artificial Intelligence Learning platforms that accelerate student learning and evokes curiosity. AI helps to develop personalized learning pathways for students that augment understanding of concepts, highlight gaps, and enable them to learn at their own pace. With the help of technology and online learning, Sunmarke provides thousands of learning resources to students that simplify difficult concepts.

Sunmarke is a member of the International Positive Education Network – and as proponents of PosEd, the school constantly refines its education methodologies and trains its teachers to connect the science of positive psychology with outstanding teaching practices. PosEd also enables children to be more confident in their abilities and stay focused on their long-term ambitions.

Although expensive, Sunmarke offers a holistic education model that focuses on a child’s mental, physical and emotional development right from the go. The school promotes the culture of togetherness, faith and discipline – while acknowledging the unique needs of each child and facilitating them in the best way possible.

What’s Unique About Them:

Provides a platform for each child to maximize their potential.