Best Schools Around Palm Jumeirah

Written by Sepehr Heidari

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most sought-after communities in Dubai, with several high-end luxury villas, comfortable and spacious apartments, and a vibrant beachfront atmosphere. Since its formation, Palm Jumeirah has become one of the top destinations for families who seek to live comfortably in Dubai. In addition to all the premium amenities that complement each of the residences, Palm Jumeirah is ideally located in close proximity to some of the best schools in Dubai, which are easily accessible courtesy of the Palm’s main roadway. The list below includes some of the best educational institutes close to Palm Jumeirah.
1. Dubai College 2. American School Of Dubai 3. Dubai American Academy
4. Gems Wellington International School

​Dubai College

Image Courtesy of Dubai College

Dubai College is perhaps the premier school in Dubai, consistently scoring number one in academics and academic achievements among schools in Dubai. In 2014, it had the highest scoring examination results among British overseas schools. However, Dubai College, more commonly known as DC is not just known for its high academic standards. DC complements its academic successes with a focus on creativity, sports, and philanthropic endeavors. Furthermore, Dubai College provides its students with state-of-the-art science labs, music and computer rooms, sports facilities, and classrooms. Additionally, Dubai College is one of only 17 schools in Dubai that have achieved the rank of ‘Outstanding’ from the Knowledge & Human Development Association (KHDA), making it the ideal school in all aspects for a well-rounded education.

American School Of Dubai

Image Courtesy of American School Of Dubai

Established in 1966, American School of Dubai (ASD) is one of the oldest K-12 educational institutions in Dubai. The school has constantly achieved the ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ grades in its KHDA inspections. The school’s mission “challenge and inspire each student to achieve their dream” is achieved through the exceptional quality of education that they provide. The school follows the American curriculum system and the students sit through multiple tests such as AP and SAT to prepare for college. Additionally, an auditorium, football field, computer and science labs, and music rooms are just some of the facilities this school provides for its students.

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Dubai American Academy

Image Courtesy of Dubai American Academy

Established in 1997, Dubai American Academy is part of the Gems School Groups and currently has an enrolment of over 2000 students. Dubai American Academy (DAA) is another of 17 schools in Dubai that have achieved the ‘Outstanding’ grade upon KHDA inspections. The school accepts students from kindergarten to grade 12 and, as its name suggests, follows the American curriculum. However, students can opt-in to take IB courses if they desire to do so. Dubai American Academy takes pride in the development of its students, not only academically, but also in areas such as sports, music, and media. The schools’ facilities include two Olympic-sized pools, a football pitch, indoor sports facilities, computer rooms, science labs and music rooms. At DAA, students are encouraged to pursue their dreams and maintain a constant desire to learn.

Gems Wellington International School

Image Courtesy of Insydo

Gems Wellington International School has become the flagship institution in the Gems Education group. At Wellington, students pursue their academics in a technology-based environment where they will be challenged based on their individual level and needs. The school gives its students an opportunity to gain real-world experience as part of their development by providing extra-curricular activities that include managing the school’s own TV and radio stations, leading the student’s houses, and directing and producing school plays in the unique school theater. Furthermore, Wellington International School features magnificent sporting facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, football pitch, multi-purpose indoor sports hall, and much more. Additionally, students can spend their time in the state-of-the-art computer and science labs, pursue their interest in the music rooms, or head on to the school’s observatory for a breathtaking view of the stars and the galaxy.

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