5 Best Schools Near Town Square

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Town Square is among the best of the new residential communities being developed in Dubai. The community already boasts an extensive collection of apartments and townhouses that were designed for family living, and is well-known for its vibrant central square and the various community events hosted there. Another key factor in its family-friendliness is the proximity to some of Dubai’s best schools. Here are the top 5 schools that are located just a short drive from Town Square.

Fairgreen International School

Fairgreen International is perhaps one of the most eco-conscious schools in Dubai. It is located in The Sustainable City and like the community itself, has been designed to minimise its impact on the environment. All of the school’s energy is provided through the use of solar panels, and there is a water recycling system that helps to maintain the greenery of the campus. The school follows an IB curriculum, integrating that with a strong focus on projects and out-of-classroom learning. There is a Model UN that helps students develop their leadership skills, a school bio-dome where they are taught about the concepts of ‘farm to table’ and sustainability, and students aged 14 and over can join a pre-collegiate program to get a small taste of college life and prepare for the road ahead.

Jumeirah English Speaking School

One of the most well-known British curriculum schools in Dubai, Jumeirah English Speaking School is part of the Arabian Ranches community. It has been highly ranked since 2011, and is one of a limited number of schools that offers classes and support for children with special needs (students of determination). The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, which includes an extensive music program and the option to practice more unorthodox activities, such as Tibetan Bowls and the roleplaying game Warhammer. Diversity and inclusivity are two of the cornerstones of the school, which has a Pastoral Care System aimed at strengthening the mental and emotional health of its students.

GEMS Winchester School

Part of the reputed GEMS network of schools, GEMS Winchester offers a British curriculum and focuses on building life skills through a framework consisting of seven competencies (7Cs), which include teamwork and critical thinking. Inclusivity is a key element of the school, welcoming students of determination and accelerated learners, as well as offering special programs for students who need additional assistance with English proficiency. A wide range of extra-curricular activities includes charity events, spelling bees and debate competitions, and the school has a mobile app that allows parents to take a more active role in the development of their children.

Nord Anglia International School

Nord Anglia International School offers a British curriculum until year 11, after which it offers the IB diploma. The Nord Anglia School in Dubai is one of the 35 Nord Education schools operating worldwide. The school places a strong emphasis on students’ academic, artistic and athletic development. To achieve this, they offer the latest classroom learning technologies, craft centers, a modern auditorium and a range of outdoor sports facilities which has led them to receive positive reviews from the KHDA. Nord Anglia is a must-attend place for students who are interested and have a talent for music as special focus is given to them due to its association with The Juillard School of music.

Renaissance School Sports City

Relatively new on the scene, Renaissance School has wasted no time in establishing itself as one of the premier educational facilities in the city. It offers an American curriculum, and in order to best cater to its wide spectrum of students, the school follows a framework inspired by the school system of America’s most diverse state - New York. Combining next-level educational techniques with the moral discipline of the UAE, Renaissance School is able to provide a comprehensive educational foundation for children. Innovation is another main pillar of that framework, with tech-focused courses to build a digital future, as well guided projects in which students take responsibility for certain operational areas of the school.

Jebel Ali School

On the other end of the spectrum is one of Dubai’s oldest schools, originally built for the children of employees involved in the construction of Jebel Ali Port. Since those humble beginnings, the school has transformed itself into Dubai’s most renowned not-for-profit school, offering a British curriculum to students of all nationalities and educational needs. Community building has always been an important part of the school’s foundation, with a dedicated Community Liaison Officer leading initiatives and campaigns that involve parents and the wider community in furthering the school’s educational objectives.

All images courtesy of the official websites and Facebook pages of the listed schools.