Back to School: A Look at the Upcoming New Term in Dubai

Written by Bethan Hurst-Haynes

Summers in Dubai might feel like they go on forever, but the time is fast approaching for students to return to school, with terms slated to start on 29th August 2021. Last year was shaped by non-traditional teaching methods and distance learning as a result of COVID, but with infection rates declining and vaccination rates rising, what’s in store for the new term? In this blog, we’ll take a look at the predicted safety measures and top tips for a smooth return to school.

Safety Measures


After the end of lockdown last year, many parents were given the option for in-school or distance classes, creating a hybrid learning environment that brought a unique set of challenges for learning professionals. Education authorities in Abu Dhabi have confirmed a 100% return to in-school learning for the September term, and Dubai is expected to follow suit. But what does this mean for students, and how is their safety protected?

Safety Measures in Dubai Schools

New Schools


Dubai is set to get 10 new private schools for the new term, adding 14,671 seats for students. The schools are a mix of curriculums, with the first Australian school set to open its doors as well as the prestigious Royal Grammar School Guildford, due to open under the leadership of Craig Lamshed. Guildford is the 7th international branch school in Dubai and brings a 500-year history of educational excellence. The diversification of education options is designed to support the growth in student enrolment, up 2.6% from September 2020 to February 2021 and ensure “high quality schools that meet Dubai’s aspirations”.

New Schools in Dubai

Inside Advice


Perhaps your child is changing schools, it’s their first time in mainstream education or it’s just been a while since they were in a classroom - whatever the reason, a smooth transition is key so we spoke to Nadia Piper at Gems Wellington Academy for her top tips.

”For all School staff, structure is key to a good start - parents not only need to be prepared with dates, uniform and expectations but also ready to enforce this at home. This goes for all aspects of schooling and parents who engage with our values, as well as communicating effectively, really help us do our job. 

Inside Advice

The Finishing Touches

Going back to school necessitates a shopping trip - stationery, book-bags and lunchboxes are just some of the items that are sure to be on your list. Paperchase stock several great ranges, including tupperware sets with cute cats or dinosaurs and soft pastel florals. If vibrant colours are more your style, then look at their tiger range in bright oranges and blues. Ballpoint pens, highlighters and felt tips, notebooks and post-its - everything is available so stock up and get ready to learn!

The Finishing Touches

Dubai has some of the best schools in the world, conveniently located across the city. If you want to be close to a specific one, please contact our Private Client Advisors today - they have the very best selection of properties in Dubai, from townhouses to villas and luxury apartments for sale in Dubai, all located in excellent family-focused communities.