A Guide to Top Veganuary in Dubai

Written by Muhammad Qadeer

The concept of Veganuary was conceived in 2014, and since then, it has been gaining traction globally, with people embracing the philosophy of a healthy, plant-based diet not only for the month of January but beyond. With Dubai being home to a large expat population, it comes as no surprise that Veganuary is now in full swing and there are a lot of places catering to those adhering to a plant-based diet this month. So, let’s dive right into the best venues to visit and indulge in a meat-free dining experience to celebrate Veganuary.

List of the Best Veganuary Restaurants in Dubai 2022

1. The Expo 2020 2. Common Grounds 3. Eggspectation
4. The Coffee Club 5. Ultra Brasserie 6. LDC Kitchen+Coffee
7. Reform Social and Grill

1. The Expo 2020

The Expo 2020

First on the list is Expo 2020; simply because the grandest show on the planet will be hosting an eco-friendly marketplace packed with sustainable vegan-friendly food stalls, entertainment and chef talks. This will be done in conjunction with Veganuary and Vegan Days as part of the Festival Garden; and will teach people the importance of a plant-based diet not only for their wellbeing but also for the planet’s. Furthermore, some of the top eateries will be on hand to let people sample plant-based delicacies.

Few of the big names making their way to EXPO’s Veganuary event include Chuck Chic - who will be serving tantalizing vegan based burgers, Holy Carrot, an Asian fusion restaurant with plant-based ingredients, and Mylk, a 100% vegan chocolate and ice cream parlour from Doha serving up exquisite ice creams and desserts to discerning patrons. The event will take place near the Malaysian Pavilion on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the 14th of January till the end of the month.

2. Common Grounds

Common Grounds

A favourite among Dubai’s European population, Common Grounds serves up some truly scrumptious desserts and plant-based meals that will keep you coming back for more. Their zesty Acai bowl for breakfast looks and tastes exquisite; while their Avocado Burger with chickpea patty and beetroot hummus will be toothsome for lunch. They also have a variety of smoothies and shakes to rejuvenate your senses. Common Grounds has a total of three branches - in JLT, DIFC and Mall of the Emirates.

3. Eggspectation


While not exactly a vegan-friendly year round, the ever-so-conscious and fun people at Eggspectation have curated an exclusive meat-free menu that will satiate the appetite of people falling on any dietary spectrum. Dishes on offer include fan favorites tacos, blueberry goat cheese salad, grilled vegetable pasta primavera, Portobello mushroom chipotle burger, spinach and Swiss cheese sandwich, Southwest crepe, and a host of other desserts. Running till the end of the month, Eggspectation has certainly raised the bar for delectable meat-free meals for all in the spirit of Veganuary. The restaurant is located in the Roxy Cinema building, JBR.

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4. The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club

Renowned for its relaxed and casual atmosphere, the venue has, like every year, launched a special plant-based menu to appeal to conscious consumers as well as those venturing into plant-based territories for the first time. Their vegan menu will run across their standard breakfast, main course and dessert menu - with prominent dishes including acai and power bowls, chia pudding with mango or berries, vegan pancakes with figs and coconut cream, pumpkin and chickpea coconut curry, beyond meat burger, and a myriad of exquisite desserts. The Coffee Club has numerous branches across Dubai, with the most popular ones located in JLT, The Springs, and Dubai Marina Mall.

5. Ultra Brasserie

Ultra Brasserie

Ultra Brasserie lets patrons indulge in the flavors of local produce in a meticulously curated plant-based menu that is wholesome and utterly delicious. The happening cafe has a few standout meat-free dishes that include the fan-favorite Buddha bowl; comprising grilled tofu, baby spinach, spicy chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, avocado, baby red radish, flax seeds, shredded zucchini topped with beetroot hummus. Needless to say, this main course salad tastes heavenly. They have two branches - one is in Emaar Square Downtown and the other is in Marina Plaza.

6. LDC Kitchen+Coffee

LDC Kitchen + Coffee

LDC Kitchen+Coffee is another of those cafes that has a chilled out and casual atmosphere that is tailor made for hangouts with friends. It even has a pet-friendly terrace to tag your four-legged friend along. The cafe is also a favourite among seasoned vegans, who indulge in healthy, plant-based delicacies. Some of the popular options at LDC Kitchen + Coffee include the oven baked eggplant shakshuka, aloo naan served with eggs, vegan coconut almond pancakes, seasonal salads and two of their best seller - aromatic red curry with steamed jasmine rice and a very veggie burger. This chic eatery is located in One JLT Business Center, JLT.

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7. Reform Social and Grill

Reform Social and Grill

Reform Social and Grill is famous for being Dubai’s first real British gastropub. The place also has an excellent selection of plant-based offerings that could rival any leading vegan restaurant in the city. For those new to the plant-based diet game, try their succulent minted beetroot salad with beetroot, peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, mint, baby gem and a generous dressing of pomegranate on top. The gastropub is located in The Lakes.

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