A Cut Above the Rest: A Selection of the World's Best Steaks

Written by Bethan Hurst-Haynes

Dubai has some of the world’s best restaurants with dedicated Michelin-starred chefs turning out exquisite, innovative dishes as well as home-grown heroes redefining local cuisine. A perennial favourite (sorry vegetarians) is steak and in this blog we’ll take a look at some of the most expensive cuts on the market.

1. Wagyu - American or Japanese?

Widely accepted as one of the best meats on the global market, Wagyu is typified by its light colour and generous marbling. The best known is Japanese Wagyu, which routinely sells for more than $300 per lb with individual cows fetching in excess of $30,000 at auction. Cattle are fed on a diet consisting of grasses and natural grains, closely monitored by attentive farmers ensuring the best yield possible.

Also in contention is American Wagyu, also known as New York Wagyu which, in reality, shares very few similarities with the Japanese product. The cattle, raising methods and grading system are all different, but nevertheless American Wagyu still fetches around $150 per lb and is a very good introduction to gourmet beef.

Wagyu - American or Japanese?

2. Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is considered the creme de la creme of beef cuts, with only 3,000 cattle per year authentically culled under the name. To make the cut (no pun intended), the cow must be raised according to strict instructions and meet every criteria once butchered. Only Tajima-Gyu cattle from the Hyogo region can be considered for Kobe beef and the marbling must reach a BMS score of 6+ with the yield graded A or B. Every single cow can be tracked at every stage of its lifecycle, via a 10 digit number assigned at birth. Only 10% of qualified Kobe beef is exported, making it rare and desirable - it sells in Harrods for £625 per kilo!

Kobe Beef

3. The World’s Most Expensive Steak

Produced by Boucherie Polmard, each rib steak retails at $3,200 and was cut from cattle slaughtered in 2000! Taken from a “Blonde Aquitaine” which rivals Kobe on price per head, there are only 103 ‘vintage ribs’ available which are kept under closely monitored conditions in ventilated negative cold rooms - a process conceived and honed by the family behind the butchery. Before the beef even reaches the cold room, huge amounts of time and money have been invested to ensure minimal stress to the animal and therefore optimal meat production - only 4 cows per week are butchered in a multi-million Euro facility run by the Polmard’s. Currently, there are only two chefs worldwide who are authorised to cook one of these vintage ribs - Fabrice Vulin at Caprice Hong Kong and Pierre Négrevergne at La Terrace Mirabeau, Paris.

The World’s Most Expensive Steak

4. Gold Steak at Nusr-Et

Closer to home, Dubai has been host to several steak institutions over the years. Some of them, like Ruth Chris’s have unfortunately closed their doors but others have sprung up in their place, like Nusr-Et which is run by “Salt-Bae”. Made famous by his unique method of slicing and seasoning meat, Nusret Gökçe has 18 restaurants located all over the world, including two steakhouses and a burger joint in Dubai. His steakhouses serve up a variety of juicy and expensive cuts, with one of their signatures being a 400g ingot cut sirloin wrapped in gold leaf and expertly sliced at your table for the princely sum of AED 1,250. There’s very little detail about the actual steak, or what it comes with - the restaurant’s focus is firmly on their celebrity clientele and that famous sprinkle. Reviews are mixed, with some praising the “unique dinner experience” and others feeling more than a little short-changed. We’re happy to make ourselves available if any-one wants to take us.

Gold Steak at Nusr-Et

5. Dubai’s Highest, and Most Expensive, Steak

Taking the dual-title of Dubai’s highest and most expensive steak is a full blood 12+ Japanese Wagyu tenderloin, served up with black truffle, pomme puree (mashed potatoes) and seasonal mushrooms. It also comes with a side of incredible views from the 123rd floor of At.Mosphere, Burj Khalifa where service is attentive, discreet and oozing with luxury. The steak will set you back AED 1,660 and whilst it’s definitely a meal for special occasions we’re absolutely sure it’s worth every dirham.

Dubai’s Highest, and Most Expensive, Steak

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