5 Best Things to Do in Dubai Marina - Places, Restaurants, Hotels & More

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Dubai Marina is perhaps the most vibrant community in Dubai, with its picturesque skyline, beautiful boardwalk and thriving waterfront locations. It is also very well connected to the rest of the city via the main highway of Sheikh Zayed Road and other transport links, making it a must-visit for anyone living in the city. Everyone is familiar with the massive yacht marina from which the district derives its name, or the stunning beach at the neighbouring sub-community of JBR. However, there are a few activities you can indulge in that not many people are aware of. Here are 5 things that you perhaps did not know you could do at Dubai Marina.

Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai Marina - Places, Restaurants & More

1. Sunset at Pure Sky Lounge 2. Cruise on a Traditional Dhow
3.Camel Ride on JBR Beach 4.Dinner at Fume
5.Dubai XLine  

Sunset at Pure Sky Lounge


At Pure Sky Lounge in Dubai, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Dubai sunset, all the way from the 35th floor of the Hilton Hotel in JBR. This bar has 2 terraces as well as an indoor dining room and sitting area. The menu includes a variety of drinks and tantalizing meals prepared by world-class chefs. The bar also holds a weekly happy hour and ladies’ nights for those who are interested. However, the main draw for most patrons is the beautiful view of the sunset. The terraces overlook the Arabian Gulf and provide a stunning panoramic view of the JBR beach, Palm Jumeirah, C Residences, and the open sea. In fact, as you soak in the comforting surroundings of the lounge and the panoramas stretching out in front of you, you might get the sensation of time standing completely still. The Pure Sky Lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere and allows you to indulge in a great evening with friends.

Cruise on a Traditional Dhow


While the majority of the cruise trips along Dubai’s waterfront areas tend to be lengthy affairs after sunset that often involve dinner and a show, this great offering only takes up an hour and can be experienced at any time of the day. It’s also a great experience for visitors to the city, swapping out the sleek yachts they might be used to for a more traditional Arabian sailing vessel. Departing every hour from Dubai Marina, the extremely spacious dhow allows for voyagers to sprawl out on bean bags as it makes its way through the waterways of the marina, showing off the incredible architecture and scenery of the area before making its way to the outskirts of the Palm Jumeirah islands.

Camel Ride on JBR Beach


The JBR beachfront is renowned for its pristine shores, its boardwalk, the new outdoor cinema and the views of the upcoming Bluewaters Island. However, regular visitors may also have noticed vendors offering camel rides. To make the experience even more unique, the camels are covered with traditional garments and colorful tassels. While from the outside this may be nothing special, the camel ride is perhaps one of the most traditional activities that can be experienced in the city, and is a quick way to take in a slice of local culture. Perhaps riding a camel in the desert would be more authentic, but one can’t deny the charm of bobbing up and down on this majestic beast while enjoying the stunning beauty of the beach.

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Dinner at Fume


Pier 7, located at the Dubai Marina, has established itself as one of the city’s most exclusive dining destinations, with full-floor restaurants covering each of its seven levels. Perhaps the most luxurious of these is Latin American eatery Fumé. The atmosphere at Fumé is always buzzing, and it creates a charming ambiance with wooden tables, low ceilings and a welcoming dining room. Enjoy a selection of traditional Latin dishes that have been given a contemporary spin, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding Marina skyline.

Dubai XLine

Dubai XLine

Technically this is a cheat, as most people know the Dubai XLine very well (and we’ve even covered it ourselves earlier this year). However, this is an experience worth mentioning again. The zipline, which starts at Amwaj Towers and ends on the terrace of the Dubai Marina Mall, really is unlike any other activity around the city. Equipped with ‘Superman’ harnesses, you will be belly down 170 meters above the ground, while you soar through the Dubai Marina on the world’s longest zipline. At XLine, you will enjoy unparalleled thrills and with the option to ride in tandem, you can take a friend or loved one along for the ride as well.

All images are courtesy of the establishments and companies mentioned. Dhow image courtesy of Al Wasl Dhow Cruises.