Guide to Signature Villas on Palm Jumeirah

The Signature Villas are one of two villa types built by developer Nakheel along the fronds of the Palm Jumeirah. As covered in our more extensive Palm community guide, the Signature Villas are available in a choice of five architectural designs and nine interior styles. Many buyers use that as a starting point to upgrade, renovate and in some cases, completely redesign the villa from the ground up.

Living Areas Signature Villas Palm Jumeirah

Signature Villa Styles


Each style of villa has a different layout and a few defining features. The style you choose can help determine exactly how you want to upgrade it and what changes will help to maximize the value the home brings to you. Should you choose to buy a villa that has been redesigned or upgraded by its previous owner, the layouts will likely be completely different to the ones below.


Signature Villas On Palm Jumeirah

Central Gallery

This type of villa feature a large double-height foyer that runs through the center, branching out to the different living areas and leading to a spacious family room at the rear. There is typically one guest room on the ground floor with the remaining bedrooms spread along the upper level.


Central Pool

This villa is almost divided in two around a large outdoor pool. A guest bedroom is located on the ground floor, and all of the main living areas surround and open out to the pool.


Outdoor Pool Signature Villas On Palm Jumeirah

Gallery Views

A double-height foyer, or gallery, is the key feature of this villa, leading directly out to a covered porch and providing a direct view to the beach along the rear of the property. There are two bedrooms on the ground level, one of which can be converted into a home office or study room.


Garden Lobby

The ground floor of this villa type houses two very large living areas on opposite ends. The family room along the rear can be combined with the adjacent kitchen and dining room to form an immense open plan space spanning the width of the villa. There is one guest room on this level as well, and another large family room on the first floor.


Grand Courtyard

The main living spaces of this villa are arranged around a horseshoe-shaped central courtyard with a lovely water feature (that can be removed by the owner if desired). The courtyard extends up to the first floor, creating a similar flowing structure across the bedrooms. A guest room on the ground level can be used as an office or combined with the adjoining majlis. Some owners also choose to redo the courtyard entirely, transforming it into a pool deck.


Grand Majlis

This variant is quite different from the rest as it has the master suite on the ground floor. The centerpiece of the villa is a double-height majlis, and there is a double-height family room as well. The top level of the family room can be sealed off and turned into a second master suite and can also be combined with an adjoining secondary bedroom for this purpose.


Grand Staircase

The key feature of this villa style is the sweeping staircase just past the foyer that forms an arched entryway to the family room. There is a guest bedroom on the ground floor, and the kitchen and breakfast room can be combined into one unified space.

Bedroom Signature-villa-palm-jumeirah

Great Rotunda

The main rooms of this villa are arranged around a central rotunda that extends across both floors. The resulting layout has a square, almost symmetrical look to it. There is a guest bedroom on the ground floor and a study that could be converted to an additional bedroom if desired.



The Riviera-style villa has a flowing, T-shaped layout centred on an open plan living and dining room. All of the bedrooms are on the top floor, and the master suite is incredibly spacious with a curving balcony that complements the aesthetic of the villa.


Upgrades & Renovations


It is not unusual for the Palm Jumeirah Villa to be upgraded by the owners, from putting in new flooring to completely redesigning the entire building. These are, in my experience, the most common upgrades seen in the Signature Villas.


Extending the Pool

The typical pool of a Signature Villa is about 4m x 8m or 4m x 10m. These are often extended to span the entire width of the villa, or a good portion of it at least. Some owners even buy up additional land so they can build a pool that extends directly onto the beachfront.


Buying Extra Land

As I mentioned, homeowners often go for the additional land of about 2,000 sq ft so they can really maximize the plot and get direct beach frontage, or so they can have plenty of room for a garden or other landscaping options.


Kitchen Signature-villa-palm-jumeirah

Expanding the Rooms

Raising the ceiling is a common change that people make, even opting for double-height if the layout allows it. The rear balcony of a villa gets the most use, as it is the one that faces the beach. Many of the rooms with secondary balconies tend to be extended so the extra space is added into the room itself.


Kitchen/Bathroom Upgrades

This is perhaps the most common type of upgrade, not just in the Signature Villas but in any home. The standard kitchens and bathrooms are fine, but homeowners usually want something more reflective of their personalities and lifestyle, replacing the floors, walls, fixtures and appliances to their own preferences.


Below is a handpicked selection of the finest Signature Villas we have listed, some of which are fully renovated and a few custom-built. For more information on these homes and other homes around the Palm, feel free to get in touch.

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