Palm Jumeirah: A Marvel of Engineering

Written by Ameena Navab
Billed as the Eighth Wonder of the World, Palm Jumeirah is Dubai's most captivating offshore destination due to its unique palm tree-inspired form, consisting of a trunk with 17 fronds all crowned by a circular crescent. Located off the coastal area of Jumeirah Beach, it is part of the three Palm Islands – Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira.

Featuring a pristine golden beach line and an exclusive collection of ultra-luxurious residential accommodations, varying from luxury villas, apartments, and townhouses, Palm Jumeirah offers an unrivaled standard of beachfront living in Dubai. Its magnificent residences, accompanied by first-class lifestyle conveniences, are a true embodiment of what lavish living truly is.

Palm Jumeirah: A Marvel Of Engineering
As Dubai’s premier coastal estate, Palm Jumeirah provides unmatched serenity, comfort, and relaxation to its residents. Watching the beautiful sunset by the beach and strolling along its Crescent footpath are some of the best ways to experience its tranquil, soothing ambiance and leisurely beach lifestyle. With delightful restaurants and charming cafes sitting alongside gorgeously landscaped parks, residents are afforded with a great selection of culinary varieties. Nightlife in Palm Jumeirah is as vibrant as its environment with the boulevard of world-class hotels that line its open-air grounds, while for those wanting to experience thrilling water adventures, an array of watersports facilities is available as well.

Palm Jumeirah Overview
These sands were taken from the sea bed itself. Over 3 billion cubic feet of ocean sand had to be drilled into place to make sure the island didn’t move with the tide. This was done by a process known as vibro-compaction, which is used to stabilize loose sands and gravel up to a depth of 30m (98 feet). That’s essentially the reason why the Palm hasn’t floated off into the ocean.

To make sure that the complex shape of the island was being formed according to plan, designers and contractors used Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) to plot the palm and ensure the sand placement was not off by more than 0.39 of an inch. And with the help of DGPS this whole feat was monitored from outer space.

But why was Dubai the chosen city for such a unique undertaking? According to scientists, the Arabian Gulf is perfect for this kind of construction because the shoreline does not not have enough width or depth for destructive waves to flow into the waters. Thus, it is easier to build and maintain islands on the Arabian gulf than by any other body of water.

Design and Engineering of Palm Jumeirah
With a level of design and engineering that can indeed be achieved nowhere else on the planet, the Palm Jumeirah has truly earned the title of ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’.