MOE Active: Fitness at the Mall

Written by Arpan Ghosh
There are less than two weeks left in the 30-day Dubai Fitness Challenge, a health initiative that has spurred the city into motion like never before. While the challenge may end later this month, that’s no reason to start slacking. Majid Al Futtaim Group, operators of several leisure and entertainment destinations throughout the UAE, have introduced their own new fitness initiative earlier this summer, exclusively at Mall of the Emirates. Known as MOE Active, the program is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle among dedicated shopaholics, transforming the concept of mall walking into a structured fitness regimen.Mall-of-the-Emirates

Mall walking is hardly a new concept here, especially since malls have become as abaundant as Dubai's luxury apartments. Make your way to any shopping mall in the early hours of the morning, and it’s not unusual to see groups of people taking a brisk stroll or a light jog around the area before shops open. During the balmy summers, mall walking is an ideal way to stay fit without worrying about the heat or dust of the outdoors. Mall of the Emirates has wisely capitalized on this idea and fortified it into a substantial workout routine conducted by professional fitness instructors.
The program, which has been designed in collaboration with FlyWheel Dubai, includes mall walking circuits led by professional trainers who incorporate stretching and interval training – short bursts of intense workouts followed by a rest period – into the routine, and will also offer complementary FlyWheel and FlyBarre classes.

A Global Fitness Craze

Crafted in New York by celebrity trainer Ruth Zukerman, FlyWheel is a cycling experience like no other, using custom-made bikes that can be adjusted to the individual rider and equipped with ‘TechPacks’ that monitor performance. 

Zukerman, a former dancer who has helped Holywood personalities such as Ben Stiller and Kevin Bacon stay in shape, fell in love with the concept of spin classes in the late 90’s. As much as she enjoyed the physical and mental challenges of the exercise, there seemed to be room for improvement. Zukerman though of integrating technology into the bikes as a way of giving people a tangible account of their own progress.

That simple idea was the core of Flywheel, which kicked off its first class in 2010 and, in only a few short years, morphed into a fitness phenomenon. Currently, there are over 50 Flywheel studios all around the United States and the first international studio right here in Dubai, with further plans to expand across Europe and Asia.

MOE Active

Running from Sunday through Wednesday, classes begin at 8:30 am and run for 45 minutes. The program is divided into four key components:


A mall walking route mapped out and led by a certified instructor, complete with pre- and post-walk stretching sessions. MallWalker classes are offered every Sunday.

MallWalker Circuit

Similar to the regular MallWalker class, except the circuit is combined with Interval Training activities. MallWalker Circuit classes are offered every Monday.


A spin class with a difference, Flywheel combines exercise and technology to create a workout that lets you know how hard you’re pushing yourself. Music is an essential part of the workout, and each session is conducted to a playlist carefully selected by the instructor to create a unique and engaging experience. FlyWheel classes are offered every Tuesday.


A companion to the FlyWheel that also stands as a routine on its own, FlyBarre is a full-body workout that blends light weight training and core-strengthening exercises with elements of yoga and dance. The high-energy routine is, like FlyWheel, complemented by a curated playlist to add to the fun. FlyBarre classes are offered every Wednesday.

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