Objets d’Art: Luxury Home Accessories To Upgrade Your Home

Written by Carley D

Designing and decorating your home is a huge multi step process that can feel like a very overwhelming task at times. From selecting a paint color to adding finishing touches like rugs and artwork, it can feel close to impossible to reach the level of sophistication that you desire to create in your home. But with the right eye to pick out the right designer pieces to add to your space it's actually pretty easy to upgrade your home environment to something that will wow everyone who enters your home.

You may think that heading to your local homeware store is the best location for decor but the truth is that spending the extra money on a statement designer item is most likely the key to leveling up your house. It's helpful that a handful of designer clothing brands have already extended their line into home decor as well, so if you have a favorite luxury designer brand who has done this, then that’s a good place to start.

In this article we’ve put together a list of the best luxury designer accessories to purchase for your abode. So get ready to take your rooms to the next level, upgrade your home and elevate your space to look chic, elegant and sophisticated.

1. Lalique Bacchante Vase, Harrods - $4000

Lalique Bacchante Vase, Harrods

The design for this flawless beauty has influences of the Art Nouveau movement, the female form and is inspired by the original design from the creative genius, the founder of the elegant Lalique brand, René Lalique. In 1927 René first created the vase in opalescent, amber or smoked glass. There was a limited edition version released in 1947 made from black crystal too and you can now purchase this mesmerizing home addition in handcrafted clear crystal.

The design of this vase features the curvy and stunning young priestesses of Bacchus wrapping around the entire vase with their arms intertwined with one another. You can also find the design in a fruit bowl shape which makes for the perfect table centerpiece.

2. Gucci Dragonfish Jacquard Stool - $3,500

Gucci Dragonfish Jacquard Stool

Described by Gucci as a whimsical jacquard of leaping golden dragonfish interacting with the natural world, this pricey but chic and eye-catching stool is the most perfect designer stand out piece to add to your home that is sure to wow every visitor.

The legs are black and carved from beechwood and the base is trimmed with a beautiful black braided and knotted fringe, lastly there are brass nailheads that sit all around the top of the fringe. All of these elements do a great job at complimenting and highlighting the star of the show, the stunning green, yellow and pink dragonfish design on the stool seat.

3. Hervet Manufacturier Coffee Table In Zebra Marquetry, Saint Laurent - $8650

Hervet Manufacturier Coffee Table In Zebra Marquetry, Saint Laurent

Now if you’re wanting to put the money towards a designer home accessory that is a little bit different, quirky, excotic and is guaranteed to stand out? Then look no further because Saint Laurent has designed and delivered on the perfect piece for you to take home and upgrade your living space.

This unique coffee table comes from a collaboration with furniture company Hervet Manufacturier and fashion line Rive Driote. The table is shaped like a surfboard, which brings a piece of the ocean right into your home. They are handcrafted in France from a combination of Louro Preto and Zebrano wood and finished off with a pattern that replicates the look of zebra print


4. Waterford, Stellar Lunar Bowl - $7565

Waterford, Stellar Lunar Bowl - $7565

Waterfords represent the finest in craftsmanship and quality and they have definitely delivered exactly that with the Stellar Lunar Bow. Described by Waterfords as a remarkable ode to the moon, this decorative designer bowl is a chic, clean and creative center-piece to add to your dining or living room area.

Handmade in Ireland, the design of this bowl provides a magical and detailed view of the moon and the surrounding constellations which are captured by an intricate hand engraving process onto a pristine crystal canvas.

5. Bomboca Sofa by Campana Brothers, Louis Vuitton - $48 000 - $52 000

Bomboca Sofa by Campana Brothers, Louis Vuitton

Last on our list of luxury home accessories is a sofa like no other from the untouchable Louis Vuitton. The Bomboca sofa was named after a traditional Brazilian confection and is from the Objets Nomades Collection.

The design of this sofa takes you into the ocean and reminds you of the coral reef as it is lined with a curvy shell like calfskin that holds eight plush cushions that fit together like a puzzle. This work of art is not only breathtaking to look at but a dream to sit on with the soft velvety multilayer foam cushions providing a cloud like seat to relax on.

It can also be purchased in various different colors such as cream, yellow, aubergine, green and black. Additionally there are also color combinations to choose from such as sunrise, blue lagoon, fire red and navy fuschia.

6. Gabriela Hearst Cashmere-Twill Blanket - $1,655

Gabriela Hearst Cashmere Blanket

This lightweight 100% cashmere checkered twill blanket is the perfect throw piece to level up your living room, patio or bedroom. It has a beautiful base caramel color with checkered shades in blue and ivory and finished off with stunning fringing.

If you are searching for the perfect designer piece to add to your collection to decorate your space during the winter time then this is the one. The sheer softness of this blanket is guaranteed to win you over and the checkered pattern and color combination is timeless.