The Best At-Home Fitness Options

Written by Arpan Ghosh

It is all too easy to lose touch with your regular workout routine when you’re not going to the gym. However, many of the top fitness coaches and yoga instructors are offering remote video workouts so you can continue to stay in shape, even from your living room. These are the best remote workouts being offered in Dubai.

The Best Online Fitness Calsses in Dubai

1. Crank 2. Fitness First 3. NRG Fitness
4. Vogue Fitness 5. Dryp 6. Yoga La Vie
7. Jivamukti With Dina

Dubai Home Fitness 1


Offering a series of no-equipment workouts on its Instagram page, fitness studio Crank is ensuring that everyone can make the most out of their exercise time at home. Some of the routines might require some light weights, but for the most part the focus is on keeping you moving.

Dubai Home Fitness 2

Fitness First

Perhaps one of the most well-known fitness brands in the Middle East, Fitness First is keeping its gym doors closed for now but is offering a wide variety of workout options on its Instagram page, with videos and routines that are designed for every type of workout.


Dubai Home Fitness 3

NRG Fitness

This boutique fitness studio based in Dubai Marina has a Workout of the Day going on Instagram, inviting everyone to participate and stay fit. If you feel the need for equipment such as weights to supplement your fitness routine, they are renting them out on demand as well.

Dubai Home Fitness 4

Vogue Fitness

Do you consider yourself a fitness buff who doesn’t have time for just aunty old workout? Then you should probably try the routines and workout tips suggested on the Vogue Fitness Instagram page. This is a gym that is known for its punishing workouts, and it will leave you aching and craving more at the same time.

Dubai Home Fitness 5


Perhaps you would prefer to work up a sweat in a more relaxed way If that’s the case then join Dryp for its virtual yoga and pilates sessions. It’s the perfect way to stay centred and have a work out that soothes both mind and body.

Dubai Home Fitness 6

Yoga La Vie

Stretch at your own pace with workout videos from Yoga La Vie or join one of their virtual lessons on Instagram. As a bonus, this studio also has a special yoga hotline set up so you can have a Q&A with their instructors and get personalised workout advice.

Dubai Home Fitness 7

Jivamukti With Dina

Dina Ghandour is a certified yoga specialist, massage therapist and doula who teaches classes that are beneficial for expecting mothers. However, her workouts are geared toward anyone who is looking to find peace of mind through a dedicated fitness routine. Catch her on both Facebook and Instagram, where she is hosting live sessions.

Here are the best homes that area ideally designed for a home workout:

Crank, Fitness First, NRG Fitness, Vogue Fitness, Dryp and Jivamukti images from their respective Facebook pages.