Top Interior Design Ideas for Living Room in 2022-23 - Best Looks For Your Home

Written by Enjay Malik

Are you looking forward to refreshing your living room, or are you looking for a new color and design for your kitchen this season? As the new year comes by, professional and expert interior designers predict the latest interior design trends that people will love for their homes. Now that 2022 has almost passed, it can never be too late to jump onto the bandwagon and create a home according to your style, taste, and preferences. Read on to find out some home decor trends that we are sure you will end up loving.

1. Shades of Green

Shades of Green

If you are into the latest interior design trends and ideas, you must have seen how green is the color of 2023. As people have been leaning towards a connection with nature ever since the pandemic, different shades of green are a comforting reminder of bringing the outdoors into the indoors.

When going green in your house, you can opt for green walls, green doors, plant ceilings, and indoor gardens, all of which will encourage a cleaner, airy, and less cluttered home.

2. Checkerboard Patterns

Checkerboard Patterns

While checkerboard patterns have been around for years now, they have recently popped up again in interior design trends. As checkerboard patterns are being spotted everywhere from clothing, decoration, flooring, and much more, they are becoming the next viral trend you should invest in.

The contrasting black and white squares will make the flooring in your home look much cooler and give an air of elegance, luxury, and prominence. If you have a small room or a short passage, checkboard patterns will make your space look wider than it actually is.

3. Plate Walls

Plate Walls

Another swoon-worthy interior design trend includes plate walls displayed all over the house, whether in a huge rack in the kitchen or directly on the walls. As one of the most popular home decor trends, plate walls perfectly allow you to get the plates out of your cabinets and put them to use.

This includes putting different colored plates on display that you would never have used anyway. The best part is that plate walls aren’t only confined to the kitchen or the dining room, but they have been popping up in the living room and hallways.

4. Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional Spaces

In the past two years, ever since 2020, most of us have had to change our homes so we could add in some place for studying, working, teaching, and exercising. Since then, multifunctional spaces have become a much-loved trend as they teach humility, stability, and, most importantly, how to utilize things in the best way possible.

For multifunctional spaces, you can re-think the space you live in and try to add more to rooms instead of taking too much space. For example, add a bunk bed in the kids’ room so a computer and a writing table space can be created, or set up an office table towards the empty wall in your living room.

5. Celebrate Color

Celebrate Color

When we talk about celebrating color, what it means is that you should move beyond the usual whites and off-whites and think about some exciting colors and additions. If you want to follow the best home decor trends, then say goodbye to all the dull and unexciting colors such as greys and browns. Look up on Pinterest for fun and colorful ideas for your doors and walls.

Pair up two contrasting colors in the same room. How about a hot pink door and a teal-colored wall? Doesn’t that sound exciting? You could also go towards some uplifting tones such as mint green, sky blue, or yellows, as all of them give off a peaceful and calm vibe.

6. Glass Windows and Doors

Glass Windows and Doors

Clean, bold, and classic, who wouldn’t want their windows to look just like that? These days the modern aesthetic is going for a luxurious remodel and adding in huge glass windows and doors wherever you can. If you want your home to look elegant and sophisticated, then letting natural light flood in through the windows and doors can be the best thing for you.

Moreover, you can get a glass door overlooking the pool or a patio where you sit with your family and have a BBQ party at night. Sounds like the perfect dream life, right?

7. Vintage Furniture and Accessories

Vintage Furniture and Accessories

As the industry is striving to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, more and more people and trends are going towards vintage furniture and accessories. If you want to add a perfect vintage touch to your home, then you will have to hunt down the best pieces at the most affordable prices.

To add a touch of vintage to your rooms, mix neutrally warm tones on the walls, fabrics, and furniture. Look for old-school wooden décor pieces and add in lots of rugs, mats, cushions, and throws. For an amazing vintage collection, visit local antique stores, markets, fairs, as well as lesser-known brands, as they are bound to have what you are looking for.

8. Vibrant Curtains

Vibrant Curtains

Well, guess what? Colors aren’t only restricted to walls, doors, or flooring in 2023, but you will also get to find appealing and striking colors and patterns on curtains. While solid curtains will always remain classic and evergreen, there is nothing wrong with experimenting a bit and bringing in all your favorite patterns in different rooms.

For example, if you have a white room, then for a pop of color, you can attach orange curtains with a bit of white print. If you already have a dark-colored room, then a shade of lighter curtains will look nice with some simple print or patterns instead of being just plain.

9. Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones

When you don’t want to go bold and want to stick to nature, then you can make brown and earthy tones your best friend and the top color in your palette. When you stick to natural colors and shades, then it will make you feel comfortable and right at home.

Also, suppose you are leaning towards the nature side. In that case, you can incorporate wooden areas, get a stone wall, and even a fireplace in the living room, along with chocolate brown and rusty sofas, cushions, and rugs.

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