The 4 Best Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers in 2022-23

Written by Tim Setterfield

Your sleeping space is where you probably spend more time than anywhere else, and that was particularly true in 2020. Most sleep statistics indicate that you are or should be sleeping an average of 7 hours or more every night. When you’re considering a remodel of your sleeping space, you may also be looking for how you will stage it for showing or alternative use. If so, there are always 5 money-making staging techniques for properties of any size.

 Simple Bedroom Makeovers for Modern Bedroom Design

Best Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers

Even if you are looking to remodel your sleeping space for staging or multi-purpose use, you still need to carefully consider how you will accomplish those goals. If you’re still using the sleeping space for your own purposes, it should feel like home. You want to feel cozy so you can relax.

Here are four elegant ways to remodel your bedroom.

1. Find Perfect Modular Furniture

When you’re remodeling a sleeping space, the furniture really does make or break it. Start by getting the mattress dimensions and then determine what other spaces you have to work with. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how creative you can get with your space, particularly with multi-purpose furniture.

Best Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers

Keep in mind the activities that you’ll usually be doing in your sleeping space. You won’t just be sleeping, so make sure that you’ve considered the types of modular pieces that will support your reading, zoning out, or even watching TV. You can put your furniture to great use with your collection of couches and flexible use areas that are so comfortable you won’t want to leave.

2. Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting really does make a space feel homey and relaxing, particularly if you’ve got it hooked up to your smart home system. You can control every aspect of your lighting from the brightness, color, intensity, or virtually any other quality of lighting you might need to make your sleeping space match your mood and even your personality.

Best Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers

With options like Sengled, Wyze, and Ring, you can install exactly what you need, with options that will also match your budget. It can be a bit daunting when you start exploring all the options, but you can also just start with one smart light and begin to convert over to the smart home options when you’ve discovered the ambient feel that’s just right for you.

3. Make It Cozy

Yes, cozy is the name of this game. If you’ve put pieces in your sleeping area because an interior designer told you they were the right combo for your space, do not feel like you need to keep all that stuff. Your sleeping area doesn’t have to be bold, make a statement, or even be over-the-top awe-inspiring to be an elegant space that you’ll enjoy. Take this opportunity to start fresh.

You can start with neutral colors and soft textures that feel great. You don’t have to share it with anyone, although the neutral colors work even if you do share your sleeping space with someone else. Think about what it is about your space that you love and what you hate. Then, use that approach to really hone in on the things that catch your eye, make you happy, and feel good to you.

Best Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers

If you have to get rid of everything in the room and start over, you can do that, too. Remember, you might be able to find options to trade-in or repurpose your current furniture for other areas or rooms of your house. Or you may find pieces at second-hand or consignment stores that are perfect for your needs. This might be the perfect opportunity to find ways to sell or donate your cast-off furniture to achieve that elegant and comfortable sleeping space you’ve always wanted.

Since we’re such fans of upcycling, you can also look at your current pieces of furniture and consider what they would look like with a different cover, a paint job, or even different cushions. You might be able to accomplish your vision with a few strategic revisions to the looks and feels of your current furnishings. If you just don’t want to imagine how it could change, consider asking for help from friends or consultants.

4. Do What Feels Right

When it comes right down to it, you should explore lots of options for sleeping spaces. Explore designs, try out fabrics, and even bring some options home to try out for yourself. Since your sleeping space is so important, you should go with your instinct. Do what feels right to you and make sure it’s a space that you could really see yourself enjoying and relaxing.

Best Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers

It’s probably fair to say that you’ve had ideas in the past about how you could make your sleeping space more comfortable. It may have seemed like too much of a hassle, or too expensive, or you just didn’t know where to start. Now’s your chance to implement those golden ideas about comfort and cozy.

You can make it look elegant and perfectly designed for you. It’s not as difficult as you might imagine. Start with baby steps if you must, but start today. Then, see what you’ve been missing all these years, as your sleeping space becomes the elegant and comfortable spot you’ve always dreamed of.