Lp02963 F7c54aeb14a4522b0fecd4e4a6b78e3f.jpg
Lp02963 1798b3d5924c8cdaeb768cdd0facc3fb.jpg
Lp02963 Aa0ee88b574280025e85268b21b44313.jpg
Lp02963 E2ffe344e5e718dc96b5dffff3d10a24.jpg
Lp02963 0b2d67dd5016d213fa1306b180542cb5.jpg
Lp02963 B4e169614e2f9b5238d6a0db079a5c8e.jpg
Lp02963 E680dbfa64d3b224365f5cf09287ffa9.jpg
Lp02963 Cbaef9ae3a2433ec22d0a50673a2bd3d.jpg
Lp02963 02ea04c470dda99856bec9dc3f3e8f8b.jpg
Lp02963 B68c652081717b8a3664ec5c6c13fc19.jpg
Lp02963 2a69ee1f26b17124953e4d0b9f7d813b.jpg
Lp02963 Beb6ab8ab7d44c7a55630d75e82a27ea.jpg
Lp02963 E9e2159fd669a53fff823887181f5f9f.jpg
Lp02963 B751e3e3c593020c333585c512ae6730.jpg
Lp02963 11d5f1174fb32354cb9152af2108362d.jpg
Lp02963 8b2def63a6df776ef3d6e7d3d81ea498.jpg
Lp02963 105d3b3f5549a59f2f92817c16909beb.jpg
Lp02963 4be6df2186d888e6330cc74f0824159e.jpg
Lp02963 4fc5a8c6d277f0c24c6acf9a884c2ef1.jpg
Lp02963 224298e905a8c24d4a62847ee5c3911e.jpg
Lp02963 6f5e8736989967e2832128df513938ce.jpg


Grand Holmby Hills Nine-Bedroom Home at 141 S Carolwood Dr


Beds9 Beds

Bathroom10 Baths

BUA: 12,201 sqft

Ref no: LP02963

Owlwood is a rare offering unlike any other in the City. Sited on approx 10 acres in the heart of Holmby Hills, it is a world unto itself. Designed by renowned architect Robert D. Farquhar in 1936.

The main house features extensive wood panelling, exceptional period detail and impressive scale. Grand public rooms include a baronial living room, oval sun room, library, and magnificent formal dining room. A Sweeping two-story stair hall with soaring ceilings sets the tone for an opulent second floor complete with extensive master suite. Rich in history, Owlwood was once home to Tony Curtis and Sonny and Cher.

Three lots combine to form one of the most important assemblages in Los Angeles. Verdant rolling lawns, full tennis court and Olympic size pool with pool house make it the ultimate compound.

Truly World Class. Shown only to prequalified clients.

In Detail



Entertainment Room

Fire Pit

Guest House

Home Office

Maid Room

Multiple Parkings

Private Pool

Private Tennis Court

Security Features
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