Lp02961 1f90cf1a9263507dbb73ac24799007c3.jpg
Lp02961 Edc454ca7cd9708897973fbb85acfc84.jpg
Lp02961 A994f5d5eb408b6bc6ecc9209bc6e5f2.jpg
Lp02961 9725554c027848c38f166c49c4e96731.jpg
Lp02961 19e5569c22f2023c58e3ad392e267e82.jpg
Lp02961 Bc6695d0a4a0ff9465be268c4dbc709f.jpg
Lp02961 03d4f51ccf26aadc654c8d787f8f5f7d.jpg
Lp02961 29aec1dac01535c4cf3d92f188f13fa8.jpg
Lp02961 37739143d91a4a4b5c4cccaaecc4dcd6.jpg
Lp02961 992e4bb3a056161bb6070ec3b31da702.jpg
Lp02961 1611dde680c61709f5bfa0388bec4cd7.jpg
Lp02961 0ddcf294a41faccafb28d414bbca70d5.jpg
Lp02961 E11bb74bc9a8a522c31d7d862d32c0a3.jpg
Lp02961 A0dbe6faae19d1eea6b457a8f89a038d.jpg
Lp02961 1eba666ff3ad21b73e6b0e7172074f9e.jpg
Lp02961 Aa672b636a58107f313c25fd9cf7cfd5.jpg
Lp02961 E91fa2486bad06fb12ebd5027b29dcdf.jpg
Lp02961 Edcc57412d7e4d33f8fc934cf2a1afa4.jpg
Lp02961 5841bbe83c74921f31b43e85bed3331d.jpg

Price on Application

Stunning Nine-Bedroom Home At 11490 Orum Rd Bel Air


Beds9 Beds

Bathroom10 Baths

BUA: 18,850 sqft

Ref no: LP02961

Perched atop a private double-gated promontory of the legendary Bel Air community, the Orum residence was designed as a living piece of art.

This architectural achievement by world-renowned architect Zoltan Pali (FAIA) is uniquely situated to maximizing unobstructed views, spanning the downtown skyline to the Pacific Ocean, and everything in between. Created as a distinctive home that seamlessly integrates into the surrounding environment, this three-winged residence wrapped in 3 types of glass; mirrored, translucent, and clear, harnesses the elements of true luxury and sophistication.

From conceptual design to final execution, Orum is the pinnacle of dedication to craftsmanship, refinement, and style, while maintaining warmth and functionality.

In Detail




Family Lounge

Fire Pit

Guest Suite

Maid's Room


Private Pool

Security Features

Shared spa
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