Dubai's Nightlife - Top 5 Places To Experience

Written by Ameena Navab

One of Dubai's claims to fame is its vibrant nightlife. With restaurants and lounges that stay open well into the twilight hours, Dubai has plenty to offer once the sun sets. These are the best areas to enjoy a night on the town.

1. Dubai Marina

hotel grosvenor house

Dubai Marina is one of the city's best districts to enjoy any time of day. There are many great fine dining options, such as Marina Social, Indego by Vineet or Rhodes W1, all helmed by Michelin-star chefs.

Grosvenor House, which hosts the later two restaurants, is also famous for the Buddha Bar and Siddhartha Lounge, twin dining and leisure concepts overlooking beautiful views of the waterfront.

Other well-known lounges and clubs include Stereo Arcade, Zero Gravity and Societe Dubai. Explore our residential options in the  Marina, where the best entertainment venues won't be far from your doorstep.

2. Business Bay

Business Bay Night Life

In our guide to Business Bay, we noted how the area has defied the stodgy image associated with its name to become one of Dubai's most sought-after residential destinations. Thanks to the presence of world-class hotels such as the Taj, Oberoi and JW Marriott Marquis, it is also a must-visit area to experiance nightlife in Dubai.

‚ÄčTuck into hearty Canadian fare at Weslodge while sitting 68 storeys high, enjoy live carnival-inspired entertainment at Italian import Billionaire Mansion, or kick back with a few choice beverages with the Japanese-Latin fusion of Waka Bar. Our finest options in Business Bay can be accessed here.

3. Sheikh Zayed Road

Cavalli Club Dubai

Before the Marina came up and added a whole new sparkle to Dubai night life, the nightlife along this major highway was the first true example of urban growth away from the more historic areas of the city.

‚ÄčAlong Sheikh Zayed Road, you will find Dubai's famous Cavalli Club, Boa Lounge and the Level 43 Sky Lounge to party the night away. If you're looking to catch a show with incredible acrobatic feats, sword swallowers and other jaw-dropping acts, take a seat at the Cirque Le Soir.

4. Garhoud

The Irish Village Garhoud

Garhoud, located by the Dubai International Airport, doesn't have the glamour and hype of Dubai's newer districts, but it has long been the place of choice for an evening out. Ask anyone about Garhoud's nightlife and they will most likely point you to the Irish Village, a pub and restaurants with beautifully rustic decor and a lovely outdoor terrace.

Whether you're looking at a lively Christmas, New Year In Dubai or St. Patrick's Day celebration, this is the place to go. Other lounges and restaurants such as Warehouse and Soho Bar and Grill are also lined up in the streets of Garhoud.

5. Mina Seyahi

Barasti Beach Dubai Night

Mina Seyahi lies just between the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, and their infectious late night charm has rubbed off on this area as well. It is best known Barasti Beach, an open-air beachfront lounge, and the newly opened DRIFT Beach, both of which host regular concerts and events.

This will also by the site of the upcoming Dubai Harbour, which will no doubt add to the late-night revelry with the stunning Dubai Lighthouse, several five-star hotels and two cruise terminals.