Community Guide: City Walk & Central Park

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Designed to be a contemporary take on the typical London High Street (or Main Street, for those outside the UK), City Walk started out as a shopping and dining destination. The next phase of development expanded the concept even further while also adding in a residential component. Now, we are seeing the launch of the latest addition to City Walk - Central Park, a residential community that creates a perfect balance between urban living and natural green spaces. What does this very stylish neighbourhood have to offer the discerning buyer or investor in Dubai? We take a closer look.

Main Street

City Walk Dubai

Back in 2014, if you took a trip to City Walk, you would find an open-air shopping centre with a limited number of stores and restaurants clustered around a beautiful lake, adjoining some more restaurants and a supermarket lined up along the main road. It had an effect quite similar to walking down the main retail street in a small town and an atmosphere quite distinct from the bustling Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina. This was the place you would go for a relaxed afternoon or evening out, browsing through stores, soaking in the sun and lounging in one of the cafes over a light meal.


It was a popular enough area, and a welcome alternative to the gargantuan Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates. However, it would take two more years and the completion of its second phase before City Walk became one of Dubai’s essential destinations.


A Slice of London in Dubai

Luxury Property City Walk Dubai

The second phase of City Walk officially opened in 2016, adding in several more retail and dining outlets, as well as the City Walk Residences. While the expansion does include a more traditional covered mall, the ceiling is made of glass to allow in natural light and create the feeling of being outdoors. The original City Walk banked on familiarity with the presence of well-known brands and popular restaurants chain. City Walk 2 is much more experimental with several homegrown concepts among its retail offerings, and especially among the restaurants.


However, the real beauty of City Walk 2 lies in its outdoor areas. At its heart is a makeshift town square that becomes the main centre of activity on weekends and tends to host pop-up stalls on a regular basis. Around this space, you will find streetside restaurants and cafes that have a very European aesthetic. Indeed, at first glance you might be forgiven for thinking that you’re looking at a snapshot of the High Street at Mayfair or Knightsbridge.


Key Attractions


Aside from the retail aspect, City Walk offers a unique array of experiences to enjoy. These include:


The Green Planet - The first bio-dome in the Middle East, this unique egg-shaped structure houses an indoor rainforest and is also home to over 3,000 varieties of plants and animals.


Hub Zero - An indoor theme park and video game arcade, this is the perfect mix of nostalgia and contemporary entertainment.


The Roxy Cinemas - A boutique moviegoing experience where you can enjoy the latest blockbusters in a relaxed setting, with the option of having meals delivered to your seat.


Rove City Walk - The hotel is still under construction, but Rove has already established a name for itself as a hospitality option tailor made for contemporary urban living. We can expect that Rove City Walk will match if not exceed the popularity of the other Rove hotels in the city.


The Residences


Located on the periphery of City Walk 2, the City Walk Residences are made up of low-rise apartment blocks. Each block contains a selection of one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments with sleek contemporary designs and open light-filled living areas.


The latest addition to the residential lineup at City Walk is Central Park, a beautiful community that combines the stylish urban aesthetic that City Walk is known for with abundant greenery. Central Park will also be a low-rise neighbourhood with one to four-bedroom apartments, but foliage and green spaces will be a key part of the design. It will, of course, be centred on a lovely park and will offer an active, fitness-based lifestyle. Key amenities of Central Park will include a dog park, spa, fitness centre and outdoor activity areas inclduing sports facilities and function lawns.



Located between the famous Jumeirah district and Downtown Dubai, City Walk benefits from easy access to some of Dubai’s most exciting lifestyle destinations. However, it is a major destination in itself, with everything you need only a few steps away from you.

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