Jumeirah’s Boutique Malls

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Dubai is best known for its cavernous shopping malls, with even bigger and more expansive ones to come in the near future. But if you would prefer a more compact retail getaway, then head over to the Jumeirah district, home to some of Dubai’s trendiest boutique shopping centres.

1. Galleria Mall 2. Sunset Mall 3. City Walk
4. Town Centre 5. Box Park 6. The Mall
7. Palm Strip Mall 8. Mercato Mall

Galleria Mall


A boutique mall located in the heart of Jumeirah, Galleria Mall is home to a limited and very exclusive selection of retail and gourmet dining options, but is perhaps best known for Vox Outdoor, the rooftop cinema that is a winter favourite.

Sunset Mall


Located a few steps away from the ever-popular Kite Beach, Sunset Mall is aptly named, with a glass-fronted façade that makes it a perfect indoor spot for watching the sunset. It also contains a variety of high-end boutiques, some of which offer bespoke tailoring and decorating services.

City Walk


A cross between an American strip mall and a European town square, City Walk is an outdoor lifestyle destination dotted with streetside cafes and gourmet restaurants. An ongoing extension to the project has added in a shopping centre housing exclusive retail brands and the City Walk Residences, which features luxury apartments that enjoy breathtaking views of Downtown Dubai.


Town Centre


Exuding old Dubai charm, Town Centre has been around for several decades, along with the neighboring Jumeirah Centre and Jumeirah Plaza. Sitting along Jumeirah Beach Road, this quiet little mall has quite a few international fashion outlets and gourmet cafes.

Box Park


Taking a cue from the stylish market in London’s Shoreditch district, Box Park is an outdoor retail and dining space made up of shipping containers. The industrial aesthetic stands out in sharp contrast to its surroundings and has helped it become one of Jumeirah’s most popular hangouts.

The Mall


Bearing a unique contemporary design and a very straightforward name, The Mall is located opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab. It is primarily populated by fashion and beauty outlets, plus a selection of restaurants that all have outdoor patio seating.

Palm Strip Mall


The Palm Strip Mall draws inspiration from the open-air shopping plazas of California, and enjoys a beachside location that overlooks the beautiful Pearl Jumeirah and Nikki Beach Resort. Aside from its fashion outlets, it also houses an exclusive art gallery.

Mercato Mall


Mercato abandons the American-inspired modern design of the typical shopping mall, styling itself instead after a street market from the Italian Renaissance with its ornate architecture, cobblestone flooring and cafes encircling elegant atria to create a ‘streetside’ feel. 

Galleria Mall Images Courtesy of Galleria Mall Facebook Page, Sunset Mall Images Courtesy of Sunset Mall Facebook Page, Town Centre Images Courtesy of Town Centre Facebook Page, First Box Park Image Courtesy of Box Park Facebook Page, The Mall Images Courtesy of The Mall Facebook Page, First Palm Strip Mall Image Courtesy of Palm Strip Mall Facebook Page & Second Image Courtesy of proartuae.com, First Mercato Mall Image Courtesy of Mercato Mall Facebook Page & Second Image Courtesy of Official Mercato Website