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The 10 Best Home Gyms in Dubai

23 July 2020 Written by Staff Writer

While gyms across Dubai are back to normal, social distancing requirements mean that classes can fill up pretty fast. However, that's no excuse to get lax with your fitness goals. And when your home has its own gymnasium, especially like the ones on our list, you will be more than happy to follow a regular workout routine without the need for a membership. Here are ten of the best home gyms in Dubai.

Al Barari

Dubai’s greenest community features homes that are perfectly set up to offer you a lifestyle of tranquility, relaxation and wellness. This includes plenty of space for a home gym or a yoga studio, whether you want that in the basement or in one of your spare rooms.

Al Barari

This is a perfect example of what you could achieve at home if you’re dedicated to fitness. With high-end equipment and a bright colour scheme, not only is this one of the finest gyms in Al Barari, but it’s the sort of space that really ought to come with a membership package.

Hoe Gym at Al Barari

If you want to work out at home, but still have the feel of going outside, then this is the gym for you. Set in its own annex building behind the villa, the gym has everything you need for a solid workout, and has glass walls so you enjoy a perfect view of the backyard. The villa also features a yoga studio and a therapy room where you can unwind post-workout.

Emirates Hills

It goes without saying that the most exclusive residential community in Dubai will also have some of the city’s most incredible home gym options.

The 10 Best Home Gyms in DubaiThe 10 Best Home Gyms in Dubai

These, for example, have the sleek look of professional gyms, with their dark colour schemes and mirrored walls. You’ll hardly believe you’re at home until you walk out of here and find yourself in your living room.

The 10 Best Home Gyms in DubaiThe 10 Best Home Gyms in Dubai

These two gyms, on the other hand, go for a warmer and more homely aesthetic. With sunlight streaming in from the windows and beautiful wood flooring, they will have you feeling good in more ways than one.

District One

The 10 Best Home Gyms in DubaiThe 10 Best Home Gyms in Dubai

Pearl Jumeirah

The 10 Best Home Gyms in DubaiThe 10 Best Home Gyms in Dubai

Living and working out on a private island, where you can follow up your session with a soak in the sun and a view of the sea - that’s what the Dubai life is all about. And nowhere is that more true than Pearl Jumeirah. Not only do you get to live in some of the city’s most beautiful villas, but you also get some of the nicest home gyms around. And the views from your home are a huge bonus.

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