7 Best Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving

22 November 2020 Written by Staff Writer

Falling on the last Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is a grand celebration of family, friends and most importantly, food. For many this year, Thanksgiving celebrations will likely be virtual, though you still have plenty of options to enjoy a delectable holiday feast.

1. Claw BBQ 2. Hell's Kitchen Bluewaters 3. Marea Dubai
4. The Rose & Crowns 5. The Blacksmith 6. Weslodge Saloon
7. The Duck Hook

1. Claw BBQ

Claw BBQ

Image Credit: Claw BBQ

While seafood is typically the star of the show at Claw, this coming Thursday the restaurant will have a dedicated menu comprising dishes that embody the spirit of autumn. Start off with some pumpkin soup and quinoa cranberry salad, head to the carving station for succulent roasted turkey and finish off with a slice of pumpkin pie. And afterward, you can try and stave off your food coma with a stroll around the Dubai Fountain area or through Dubai Mall.

2. Hell's Kitchen Bluewaters

Hell's Kitchen Bluewaters

Image Credit: Hell's Kitchen Dubai

Diners know to expect a bit of theatricality when dining at the restaurant inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s hit show, with red and blue teams competing to put forth the best menu for the night. For Thanksgiving, the restaurant will introduce a third team into the mix who will be preparing a special three-course ‘Black Menu’ featuring dishes such as candied yam salad, Turkey Wellington and pumpkin cheesecake. Diners can vote on who served the best menu and those who vote for the black team will be in the running to win a chef’s jacket signed by Gordon Ramsay.

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3. Marea Dubai

Marea Dubai

Image Credit: Marea Dubai

Helmed by Michelin-starred chef Michael White, Marea features a refined Italian menu that is primarily focused on seafood, with many of the ingredients specially sourced and flown in from across Italy. A special three-course menu will be available on the 28th and 29th of November, with dishes that include butternut squash ravioli, turkey with an array of sides, and pumpkin and pecan pie.

4. The Rose & Crown

The Rose & Crown

Image Credit: The Rose & Crown

This quintessentially British eatery will be hosting a special Thanksgiving menu, with its own twist. You can tuck into a classic roasted turkey alongside Yorkshire pudding and apple pie with custard. It’s a meeting of two worlds that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

5. The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith

Image Credit: The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith recreates the experience of a typical smokehouse in the southern United States and from this Tuesday, will be offering a special Thanksgiving brunch centred on smoked turkey. There will also be a smoked turkey dish as part of the regular a la carte menu until Thursday, accompanied by candied yams, Brussel sprouts and cranberry compote.

6. Weslodge Saloon

Weslodge Saloon

Image Credit: Weslodge Saloon

This is the season to dine at Weslodge Saloon - the acclaimed North American restaurant celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month and will be putting out a four-course menu this weekend, paired with a selection of handcrafted American cocktails. Combine that with incredible views over the Dubai Canal and Dubai skyline, and you have the ingredients for a truly unique Thanksgiving dinner.

7. The Duck Hook

The Duck Hook

Image Credit: The Duck Hook

If you would prefer to dine in with the family rather than going out to eat, there are several restaurants providing a Thanksgiving takeaway option. Among them is The Duck Hook at Dubai Hills Golf Club, which will have roast turkey breast and legs, plus sausages, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and more. If you’re planning to throw a sizeable feast (with safety guidelines in place, naturally), you can order a meal for 10. Just make sure to prove at least 48 hours’ notice.

Header Image Credit: Gabriel Garcia Marengo