Home Cinema Accessories To Upgrade Your Home Theater

6 February 2023 Written by zubair

As you come home after a long and hot day at work, you pour yourself a giant glass of your favorite wine and step into your home theater. There, from the comfort of your own seat, you set the temperature to 72F, dim the lights, and pop one of the latest blockbusters on your home theater screen. The audio is crisp, and your screen’s resolution is so good that you immediately feel sucked into the movie. You’ve forgotten all about your hard day at work.

Sounds amazing, right?

Summer is in full swing, and as the temperature reaches record highs this year, many of us are spending time indoors trying to escape the heat.

That’s why it might be the perfect time to upgrade your home theater and invite your friends and family along for an immersive five-star viewing experience.

So, here are seven must-have home theater accessories to beat the heat this summer and turn your home cinema into a luxurious oasis of entertainment.

1. A Home Projector

A Home Projector

The home projector should be one of your main priorities when upgrading your home theater. And if you’re looking for recommendations, the JVC DLA-X5900 is one of the highest-quality home projectors on the market.

Unlike many home projectors, it boasts superb HDR performance and astounding 4k picture quality. Its 4K e-shift five technology can reproduce the finest nuances of any visuals and create images matching the viewer’s environment for a genuine immersive viewing experience.

2. Surround Sound System

Surround Sound System

Imagine watching Mad Max, Pulp Fiction, or the Star Wars saga with poor-quality audio?

It certainly wouldn’t be the same.

Sound can make or break your cinematic experience. A great sound system will not only allow you to create an immersive home cinema atmosphere, but it will also wow your guests and keep them coming back for more!

A quality soundbar can be the perfect option if you have a small room with only a few seats. Sonos Arc soundbar is one of the best for crystal clear audio, while Yamaha YAS-209 will still provide excellent audio quality for a fraction of the price.

Yet, if you have a bigger room and more than one row of theater seating, investing in a surround-sound audio system is a no-brainer. The Sonos Immersive Set With Arc, while coming at a hefty price, will offer an unparalleled cinematic experience combining crisp dialogue and realistic surround sound enabled by the 3D Dolby Atmos technology.

3. Automatic Blackout Curtains

Automatic Blackout Curtains

Too much natural or artificial light in your home cinema can reduce picture quality and hinder your whole experience. That’s why for an authentic cinema experience, you should invest in some motorized blackout curtains. This will allow you to watch movies anytime, even when the sun is shining bright outside while recreating a real cinematic ambiance.

And the cherry on the top of the cake will enable you to control the room temperature. What’s more, these days, you can use a universal remote or your smartphone to open and close them from the comfort of your seat.

4. Universal Remote

Universal Remote

Talking about controlling your home cinema features from your seat, syncing all of your devices to one universal remote will streamline the experience and allow you to sit back and relax. So, instead of using a remote for your projector, another one for the sound, a third for the lights, and a fourth for the automatic blinds, invest in a universal remote.

The Logitech Harmony Elite is, without a doubt, one of the best available on the market. It features convenient voice control, a touch screen and can even be set up to automatically dim the lights as the movie starts and brighten the room up as it ends.

5. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

While image quality, a great sound system, and blackout curtains are incredibly important, so are your room’s acoustics. Too much sound can impair your viewing experience. And given most home theaters are much smaller than an actual cinema, the sound waves are likely to bounce around, creating an echo and leading to a muddy sound.

That’s where acoustic panels come into play. They’re designed to absorb sound and are usually placed strategically across the room to control the way sound waves bounce. So, don’t overlook acoustic panels when upgrading your home theater. It will make the difference between an average viewing experience and a captivating movie night.

6. A Popcorn Machine

A Popcorn Machine

We couldn’t write about the best accessories to enhance your home cinema without talking about the popcorn machine, arguably the best thing about the whole movie experience. And even though you could buy microwavable popcorn, it just isn’t the same. If you’re on a budget, the Slenpet Hot Air Popcorn Machine will allow you to turn your uncooked kernels into fluffy popcorn in less than three minutes.

And if you want to add a nostalgic feeling to the whole home theater experience, the Vintage New 10-Ounce Professional Popcorn & Concession Cart and its retro look will be the perfect statement piece. But it’s not just a fantastic decorative piece. This retro popcorn machine features a glass window and an interior light so that everyone at home can watch the kernels pop to perfection!

7. Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating

You could have the most high-tech home cinema equipment and the best popcorn machine in town, but your perfect movie night could be ruined if you don’t have comfortable seats. So, what better way to round off the perfect home cinema than adding a comfortable recliner seat or seats to your room?

Some of the most comfortable recliners include the Valencia Tuscany Home Theater seats and the Octane Bolt XS400s. These luxurious seats are built for comfort and coziness and will allow you and your guests to indulge in a movie night like you’ve never experienced before. And for ultimate luxury, these recliners also come with LED cup holders and USB hubs.

Home cinema setup is subjective. Yet, we believe adding these seven accessories to your home theater will provide a whole new experience, allowing you to create the home cinema of your dreams.