X49E: Electric Yacht

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Whether in the sea, in the air, or on land the biggest limiting factor for each mode of transport is its fuel. What if we told you that now there’s a luxury, fast, and agile yacht that can go beyond the boundaries and isn’t bound by fossil fuels at all. Yes, the X49E: Electric Yacht is the one that can go farther than any conventional fuel-powered ocean vessel can. The X49E is a battery-powered yacht, with a backup generator on board that can recharge its batteries when sailing at a whopping 8 nautical miles or above.

Technical Details:

The primary propulsion source of this 49-footer yacht is electric power. Instead of a conventional engine, it is powered by two 10 kilowatt electric motors. These motors have enough power to sail this 12-ton yacht at 8 knots. These motors are kept rolling by a behemoth of a power bank which is 28.8-kWh. Additionally, a DC generator is also there for those “just in case” situations. It can also supply 11 kilowatts. About the motors, these are manufactured by Oceanvolt which is a leading manufacturer of all electric motors that can withstand the harsh sea environment. It is based in Finland and is in the business since 2004.

Sail Speed Range Sea Margin
4 knots 49 NM 37.2 NM
5 knots 30 NM 22.7 NM
6.2 knots 19 NM 14.5 NM
7.3 knots 12.6 NM 9.4 NM

The Exterior

Screenshot (16)2

The exterior of the X49E is something you can fall in love with. Its curves, colors, and material are all chosen to reflect the ultimate luxury, style, and performance in mind. You can customize your yacht in any way you like, you can choose from up to 6 colors, from dark to light shades.

Below deck, the whole space is well ventilated and bright. Natural light and bulbs light up the whole place, making the already massive yacht even brighter and open.

Additionally, an electrically operated transom door offers easy access to water for a dip in the sea and storing an inflatable dinghy of up to 2.7 meters.

The cockpit too is customizable, and you can even add an extra table to it as well. Additionally, it can accommodate a large number of navigation instruments and panels.

The Ultra Luxurious Interior


The X49E: Electric Yacht doesn’t just offer you the best exterior and performance, it also offers an ultra-luxurious interior. The whole design is inspired by supercars, with a mix of classic and modern materials. Below the deck is a spacious entrance covered in raw and laminated teak. The bright interior makes it even more spacious, and you have the option to customize the interior as per your personal preferences. The material used to decorate the interiors is raw teak, laminated teak, vinyl paneling, Corian worktops, and Corian sinks.

3 double cabins and 2 double Cabins, and Twin aft with adjacent shower compartment layouts are available.

The three double cabin layout has two sleeping rooms in the back while one master room in the front of the yacht. The master has an ensuite, while the rear two can utilize the extra bathroom in the living area. As for the living area, a large seating area is available that too can be used as an extra bed. The open kitchen is separated from the living room by a wall but otherwise can be accessed freely from other sides.

As for the 2 double cabins and twin aft with adjacent shower compartments the master bedroom with ensuite is in the front while one double bed and twin aft is located at the back of the yacht.


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Right from the webpage, you can customize your X49E. The customizations available for this luxury, clean, and awesome yacht are Hull colors. You can choose from five color options that are mixed and matched using beautiful contrast and fusion. Next is the bowsprit. It is the front of your yacht and you could go with either the standard GRP cowl or a clear coated carbon fiber bowsprit.

You have the option to customize the hull treatment which is either black, white, or copper color. Any color you choose will be applied in layers, consisting of 3 layers of sprayed epoxy primer & 2 layers of antifouling paint.

Keeping up with the extreme customizations you can choose the location of the name, the font, and the color as well. For the deck and cockpit, you can choose either Genuine teak with black caulking or Flexiteek with grey stripes. Similarly for decks, teak on side decks and teak on coach roof are also available as options. The mast and boom can also be finished in Aluminum, white painted, black painted, or clear coated Carbon.

The wheel, the furniture, and the owner’s cabin; all are fully customizable. Aft cabins can also be customized any way you like or prefer.


Yachts are ostentatious and why shouldn't they be, they are beautiful, charming, and attractive. X49E is the future of yachts. It is electric, it is clean, and it is safe. What more do you want from a yacht? It has a range of 8 nautical miles and beyond. You can customize it to your liking, from the color of the hull to the furniture inside the cabin. If you are in the market for the newest, latest, and most advanced yacht you won't want to miss out on this one.

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