The Storm: World’s Fastest Rollercoaster

Dubai malls feature some incredible and unique attractions that have brought international accolades, from the second largest aquarium in the world to the longest indoor ski slope and fastest rollercoaster in the world.

One of the latest attractions is in the recently opened Dubai Hills Mall, developed by Emaar Properties and located in the master community of Dubai Hills Estate, which covers a staggering 11 million square feet. The massive mall establishment in Dubai Hills welcomes visitors with over 650 retail and dining venues, as well as unique activities and awe-inspiring entertainment such as the largest cinema screen in the Middle East and the Storm Coaster, world’s fastest rollercoaster.

Here’s a look at why you can’t miss the latest attraction at Dubai Hills Mall, which promises to deliver the thrill of a lifetime and an incredible experience that has not been seen before in Dubai, especially inside a shopping mall.

Dubai’s New Rollercoaster Wins Guinness World Record

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Guinness World Records has been documenting roller coaster performances for decades, trying to nominate the fastest one to break the new record. And, with the launch of the Storm Coaster in Dubai, the city has now established another great achievement added to its long list of world-class attractions. Dubai Hills Mall’s Storm Coaster has been officially named the world’s fastest vertical rollercoaster in October 2022.

Living up to its name, the indoor Storm Coaster took the mall by storm, transporting riders up at a vertical launch speed of 41 kmph, and a top speed of 77 kmph, swirling across a 670-metre track throughout the building.

It was The Storm’s launch speed that actually earned it the record-breaking title of the fastest indoor vertical-launch rollercoaster in the world. The attraction entered the record books with a big celebration marked via a special light show projection on Burj Khalifa. Launched by Emaar in February 2022, The Storm Coaster is directly integrated into the mall’s structure, pushing new engineering boundaries of design, execution, and safety.

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Will You Ride The Storm?

Made entirely of steel, the three-car 12-seater Storm Coaster features state-of-the-art trains with ergonomically shaped seats and over-the-shoulder-lap-bar restraints to ensure passengers enjoy a high degree of freedom and comfort while maintaining the highest level of safety.

The riders are arranged two across in two rows with three cars per train, for a total of 12 seats. Now guests are ready to be transported from a shopping mall experience to the thrilling world of storm chasing. The track's 670-metre-long course is packed with a variety of airtime experiences. From speed changes to unexpected accelerations, the coaster is taking in loops, twisting and turning, and moving upside down as it descends.

The particularly steep drop will have you screaming with excitement at the top of your lungs, pumping your adrenaline. The multivehicle coaster wraps its way throughout the entire building, reaching top speeds of over 77 kmph. Tickets cost AED65 per ride, and the ride lasts a little over two minutes.

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Storm Coaster – A One-of-a-Kind Engineering Achievement

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Utilising their most powerful LSM drive system, it was Intamin Amusements Rides who manufactured and delivered The Storm Coaster to Dubai. The non-stop action-packed LSM Launch Coaster at Dubai Hills Mall is one of Intamin’s top projects so far.

The company is a leading provider of amusement park attractions, supplying over 22 distinct types of rides to a variety of parks. The company has so far delivered around 172 roller coasters around the world. Cundall Dubai is the Lead Design Consultant behind The Storm Coaster project, and they have been commissioned to provide 13 multidisciplinary services for the unique entertainment attraction. Their contribution saw them win The Construction Technology Awards 2022 for Digital Project of The Year.

The structure is solid proof of innovative engineering, in terms of planning and design, immersing guests in the exciting adventure of storm-chasing rides, at insane speeds, but in a completely safe environment. Standing 50 metres tall, the coaster’s 670-metre track arcs around the entire structure with an exceptional vertical launch that reaches 50 metres in 5 seconds. The primary structure and the track itself are interconnected, having required a level of precision not normally seen in construction. The track is extremely complex geometrically, as it rotates on all axes within the building's three-dimensional space.

From the pre-concept stage, extensive parametric modelling was used, allowing for the optimisation of all design aspects to perform faster and more effectively. A specialised power system with a vertical magnetic launch was used, along with 4000 metres of programmed LEDs, to create an outstanding thematic show, in sync with the coaster.

Other Attractions in Dubai Hills Mall

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After an extreme ride in The Storm Coaster, movie lovers can seek out a more peaceful, yet equally unforgettable experience at Roxy Cinema, home to Roxy Xtreme, the Middle East’s largest cinema screen.

Roxy Xtreme sets a new benchmark for cinemas in the Middle East. The 28-metre by 15.1-metre screen is twice the width of a tennis court and comes with 382 reclining seats, available to book across three levels: standard, premium, and director’s suites. Guests in the suites are seated above the auditorium and have access to waiter service, personal swivel tables, footrest, and wireless charging, amongst other perks.

Malls in Dubai have grown over the years into more than just retail destinations. With consistent investment in product offerings, Dubai’s malls have developed into a focus of everyday life, delivering superlative guest experiences.