Lp100099 2e1778cf4e3ca9c95a13521d1ac8be75.jpeg
Lp100099 A87b34bf918a77743ac5c479ca625772.jpeg
Lp100099 9073540bf43623cd1dc1f64cd9402acb.jpeg
Lp100099 33a4863737464ee19c52b307f84fe909.jpeg
Lp100099 F3dee9d79944ac9e838bde3048eba563.jpeg
Lp100099 E75cacf1801e22c12b9d1457e2c52be7.jpeg
Lp100099 094e36696df28321a014e44a2b6bd3c6.jpeg
Lp100099 D964fb949fa01346c046e387d9d56027.jpeg
Lp100099 7ce0146bf07ff8ee6bc08a465e0a74fe.jpeg
Lp100099 4a6eab4e2e1589c16f5afd257314b234.jpeg
Lp100099 D84fe84862d96dba5bf8bbb6d88b3c2a.jpeg
Lp100099 457fe7d572e79ae4f5c2c1647e08635c.jpeg
Lp100099 93d1c86ecaf71b953dc095a40317d291.jpeg
Lp100099 Dbf7af339fd1437f56943334ad72d3bf.jpeg
Lp100099 32c51c44bc09b38d574aded40ae52690.jpeg
Lp100099 C1773ae44870dfc14ba745f5939fde54.jpeg
Lp100099 7eb35d29552940663ab9d4e2a1c3a53f.jpeg
Lp100099 1fdd8623dcd7a94a155e2af443cff927.jpeg
Lp100099 532b99aefd4998a4e7cf3a27783f5341.jpeg
Lp100099 6a61f83f33cee7b9936b98348b43b18f.jpeg
Lp100099 5724fcd82fa0d86a57264e0c617d0587.jpeg
Lp100099 301a5debeec7b52ae34211a836e8ca40.jpeg

AED 28,900,000

Waterfront Bayview Villa At 1825 W 24th St


Beds Bed

Bathroom7 Baths

BUA: 6,560 sqft

Ref no: LP10099

The artistic expression of fine living, this extraordinary estate on Sunset Island III was recently completed to the highest level of fit and finish. Take in sublime sunset views from the new dock just off the bay, with 75 feet of water frontage, located walking distance from Sunset Harbour. The 8,500 total sq. ft, house has magnificent indoor/outdoor entertainment areas within an oasis of green, a saltwater pool with water curtain and hot tub, an artistic chefs kitchen with cantilevered island, a soaring atrium, a library with wet bar, and an elevator to the rooftop terrace. The bespoke master suite offers a spa-like bath and meditation courtyard. White oak floors, micro cement walls, and unique cuts of travertine add texture to the modernist home, which is furnished by Minotti.

In Detail

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Mark Richards

Mark Richards

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