Lp10016 Dab05e985e61cad1968fe6cb46dbafb2.jpeg
Lp10016 99125d6794c214099f0aba637bef2451.jpeg
Lp10016 7f22b0c547bc993f9da74d3c2b3ee4b5.jpeg
Lp10016 07c82571e22360aea5157731fa9cc79f.jpeg
Lp10016 6fd7574b190a09734844573e6f0b7994.jpeg
Lp10016 De6894d3b7109f6533c8b3532a5dfe34.jpeg
Lp10016 B5435140a4c82b523720f2adf563d362.jpeg
Lp10016 43d3fd5407685ff767af1764e4649313.jpeg
Lp10016 7abb52e1c406017abbd38fd91e6e5e5d.jpeg
Lp10016 3c06a83307eb4253fa4f420e7c75eb99.jpeg
Lp10016 B6a7f737e15c9244fddf022a356c8992.jpeg
Lp10016 875bd241eea53cd3c75f5dd114450dfc.jpeg
Lp10016 49e96c8f9c98520c2efc4d19f6aac7b6.jpeg
Lp10016 80321e1f4dab47079c6f3b00473ce05b.jpeg
Lp10016 29a31a1fe7249622896d5cf4efd4c8da.jpeg
Lp10016 739e040329ba64212d068b50bdea12ce.jpeg
Lp10016 A6c12dba38dda3335ba97f9d1a0d7539.jpeg
Lp10016 763d78f744fb12b9c5b7453c346226ae.jpeg
Lp10016 3e7fdeb45816f74044dec0df5b9dedcd.jpeg
Lp10016 143e23a51386fefb3346fbfd3c5a172a.jpeg
Lp10016 36514d38399e56b90bf23478aa6bcde2.jpeg
Lp10016 80c14900da8484da2cbee5a507dc7a61.jpeg
Lp10016 Ee247e6a9ef76ac9badbe1314ae67ccd.jpeg
Lp10016 F8ba7d01fc912744004ba3f9f3a75750.jpeg
Lp10016 B7595cb843b350fbc76b4c5798c27d48.jpeg

AED 12,900,000

Furnished Luxury Villa For Sale At 50 S Pointe Drive 3502


Beds Bed

Bathroom3 Baths

BUA: 3,030 sqft

Ref no: LP10016

Embodying the definition of timeless and cool with no expense spared, experience true unmatched luxury with furnishings by Christian Liagre and Luminaire. Designer Briggs Solomon blends gentle tones with striking embellishments to execute flawless design made up of planked French roasted Oak flooring, floating baseboards, Porsche lighting, extensive custom millwork, a Boffi Kitchen with all Gaggenau appliances, Bardigilo marble slabs encompassing the master bathroom with TVs built into the mirrors, an impressive art collection and a fully integrated state of the art savant audio visual system. Boasting the only open air terrace with full sun exposure in the building makes this unit unlike any other!

In Detail

Contact Agent

Mark Richards

Mark Richards

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