5 Bedroom Villa For Sale Miami Beach Lp09929 6badb7644cc7940.jpg
Lp09929 E3a0e185aa3bc5fe889305263ded4788.jpeg
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Lp09929 2ec7bddfae34986293b88ba88b55352e.jpeg
Lp09929 E3c3543360ce99e30243ee6ef4a44582.jpeg
Lp09929 8b9695a9971c7238f99df055d40a3390.jpeg
Lp09929 3bd68fe4fb50a8fac2c6f43de130b843.jpeg
Lp09929 73e4e11024ab503e28547837ed28899c.jpeg
Lp09929 4b777e7439fb6fb60c0c915f649bb795.jpeg
Lp09929 1c8b8822975c2bd1289b28a8a253232d.jpeg
Lp09929 2f48ec1e60b38a5f0c65c0bf858d2421.jpeg
Lp09929 3eb2fce826c1b0b650db922c8b693152.jpeg
Lp09929 Cce228a09a13ff2a94cf43d85c3b36e3.jpeg
Lp09929 6c423cb4c7f11e0a40d14ccdec2a076f.jpeg
Lp09929 Fae8408a8918b3253a2970425a99964c.jpeg
Lp09929 613926def2e642554b03d9c02442fe7f.jpeg
Lp09929 B5a2bb2b312955b91a4e88eb09cde46b.jpeg
Lp09929 4d74ce62035258aba76d3d8e52a8e8cd.jpeg

AED 38,000,000

Ocean View 5 Bed Luxury Penthouse For Sale At 5775 Collins Ave PH


Beds5 Beds

Bathroom6 Baths

BUA: 7,855 sqft

Ref no: LP09929

Inspiration lives well at the 57 Ocean Penthouse, where sky, sea and the splendor of Miami Beach unfold across a single, full-floor residence like no other. Panoramic ocean views, exquisite personal spa features, seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining, blissful privacy, and more all come together with unmatched contemporary styling and the sense that anything is possible… and always right within reach.

In Detail

Contact Agent

Mark Richards

Mark Richards

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