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Lp09932 313683925b8062917560db1b0b7e3d7e.jpeg
Lp09932 E9c1de75e244527bc827121f43a40a4b.jpeg
Lp09932 60f5c7724c78b5dce677335edd9384a8.jpeg
Lp09932 011f37295254adacb96293a422c6effe.jpeg
Lp09932 E2169bb4d155616aa3f735ff61e0087c.jpeg
Lp09932 12e92bf5944a109e5403c79717504adf.jpeg
Lp09932 Bf7638a3974a1ae069e31ea5070cdf15.jpeg
Lp09932 49106dfd56a6b15b9c43b21359fde844.jpeg
Lp09932 57d40768fc95d0523f55c20d4c1ef866.jpeg
Lp09932 8ae2525d3abe32c088a921b839e733af.jpeg
Lp09932 53f2aee06b358e7736c74dbbaa70fbe0.jpeg
Lp09932 3206943a37855ad60f61addd3a957d40.jpeg
Lp09932 F797f91a4fa570fc556c69beec18b324.jpeg
Lp09932 Ff6a7b82b2b0419904de1b34d59660ff.jpeg
Lp09932 14538d6ca5cf91f0d3452573e976ec5c.jpeg
Lp09932 1bd550211ee747d15a1c2c59de666c15.jpeg
Lp09932 5646b4ab351a680e8f013d5f5d422ca2.jpeg
Lp09932 8d834efcf1fb93e9770c8a5ca21735f0.jpeg
Lp09932 6e7e19c753f32b078d360a967a5c053b.jpeg
Lp09932 668be018a1c15215c20b45a4aec76653.jpeg
Lp09932 8c732ce3e02663fac1303674a1f939ba.jpeg
Lp09932 060fae8994b74f038345db49c698a4d8.jpeg
Lp09932 E050819e848e6be3be0ae2708e77bbba.jpeg
Lp09932 450e5b99aad4bea9279bd51f23144872.jpeg
Lp09932 Ac40c0daf091b6b61ae830149d7da205.jpeg


Breathtaking Six-Bed with Garden Views at Journeys End, Coral Gables


Beds6 Beds

Bathroom7 Baths

BUA: 12,829 sqft

Ref no: LP09932

For sale is this breathtaking six-bedroom single residence at the much sought after Journeys End neighbourhood in Coral Gables, Miami. With views of the sprawling gardens, and a host of amenities and luxuries on offer, this is a one of a kind residence in a prime location that would make a beautiful family home.

Clad in white, the villa has two separate, smaller establishments that could serve as staying spots for guests. The pool is large, and is temperature controlled; while the space next to the pool can be utilised to soak up the sun. The property also provides a waterfront passage to the dock. Inside, the villa has six bedrooms spread over the two levels with meticulous attention to detail.Theyare spacious and cosy; and feature walk-in-closets and balconies for residents to sit and unwind. The floor-to-ceiling windows let an abundance of sunlight in and provide unobstructed views of the surroundings. The kitchen is truly gourmet, with modern integrated appliances and exquisite wood combinations.Overall, this is truly an exceptional property for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Please get in touch with one of our private client advisors to get more insights on this property.

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