Top Restaurants in Downtown Dubai with Scenic Views

Written by Silvana Fitzpatrick

Renowned for its towering skyscrapers, exhilarating experiences, gourmet cuisine, and majestic vistas, Downtown Dubai is a constantly evolving hub of activity, home to world-renowned landmarks and attractions, including Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the mesmerising Dubai Fountain.

While dining out in Dubai is an experience in itself, nothing beats indulging in delectable cuisine while gazing out at the stunning panoramic views of the cityscape and Burj Khalifa. For those seeking an unforgettable dining experience, many high-rise rooftop restaurants and other charming locations in the trendy district offer a perfect setting to savour memorable meals combined with stunning vistas and great ambiance.

We have curated a collection of the finest restaurants in Downtown that serve not only exceptional cuisine and elegant atmosphere but also the best views of the majestic Dubai skyline.

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Dubai's renowned CÉ LA VI restaurant is located on the 54th floor of the Address Sky View Hotel, offering a combination of contemporary Asian dining, world-class entertainment, and exceptional hospitality that culminates in a spectacular culinary journey featuring magnificent vistas of the Dubai skyline.

At the heart of Downtown Dubai, this elegant venue elevates 220 metres above sea level, providing one of the city's loftiest rooftops. The venue comprises a Restaurant, SkyBar, Club Lounge, and Pool Deck, offering a variety of exquisite dining and entertainment options complemented by spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

At CÉ LA VI, renowned head chef Howard Ko puts on display his 11 years of experience at Michelin-starred restaurants, showcasing his culinary talents with a menu featuring a fusion of Asian-inspired plates and international favourites that he infuses with his distinctive touch.

Unmissable delicacies include truffle short rib croquettes, black truffle risotto featuring sushi rice, roasted Chilean sea bass, and a Katsu veal chop.

Additionally, the expansive and delectable vegan offerings add to the restaurant's appeal, while the seaweed rolls with French butter, served upon arrival, are worth the trip alone.

The exceptional setting and cuisine at CÉ LA VI combine to create a premium dining experience in a perfect spot destined for the finest occasions.

Downtown Restaurants


Set in the Burj Khalifa, this Japanese restaurant provides an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine, perfectly complemented by a selection of specialty beverages.

Nestled within the opulent Armani Hotel concourse, Armani/Hashi offers food aficionados a unique culinary experience crafted by the renowned Giorgio Armani empire.

With a panoramic terrace setting overlooking the Downtown Dubai skyline and the Dubai Fountain, Armani/Hashi offers access to a private shisha lounge, an ideal destination for a luxurious culinary occasion that delights all the senses. The freshest fish flown in from around the world is crafted delicately for sushi, sashimi, and other dishes.

The signature options at Hashi elevate your dining to new heights, while the refreshingly down-to-earth service ensures a comfortable and enjoyable meal. Armani/Hashi is an ideal location for an unforgettable culinary journey that blends sumptuous cuisine, panoramic views, and unparalleled hospitality.

If you're seeking dining venues that offer magnificent terrace views of the fountain show, several other Armani restaurants are worth exploring. Consider visiting Armani/Mediterraneo, Armani/Amal, and Armani/Pavilion, all within the same premises.

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Tulum Restaurant Dubai Mall

If you wish to indulge in an authentic taste of Mexico, Tulum Restaurant, located in the world-renowned Dubai Mall, is an exquisite eatery that elevates classic Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist, complemented by tastefully designed decor. The hidden gem of Mexico in the heart of Dubai, Tulum Restaurant offers authentic Mexican flavours, featuring fresh seafood varieties and unparalleled views of the Dubai Mall Fountain.

The cuisine reflects the warmth and richness of Mexican culture, bursting with bold and spicy flavours. From creamy avocado to succulent seafood, fiery chilies, and hearty corn, the venue imports only the freshest ingredients directly from Mexico to ensure an authentic dining experience that transports you to every corner of culinary Mexican territory.

The expertly crafted menu offers a range of alluring choices, including the Bone Marrow Esquites, Roasted Veggie Salad, Octopus Tiradito, Tortilla Soup, and Portobello Mushroom Tartare, all of which are sure to please your taste buds.

With unparalleled views of the Dubai Fountain, Tulum offers the perfect ambiance for creating unforgettable moments while immersing yourself in the unique flavours of Mexican culture and Downtown scenery.

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The Restaurant at The Address Downtown

Step into a world of elegance and sophistication at one of the premier dining destinations in Address Downtown Dubai. The Restaurant at Address Downtown evokes a stunning space that exudes a unique charm, designed to resemble a luxurious residence. This light and airy restaurant is adorned with huge windows that offer stunning views of the iconic Burj Khalifa and the hotel gardens. With distinct areas like the library, living room, and dining room, each space is carefully curated to provide a fresh experience.

You can indulge in the culinary delights of Britannia with The Restaurant's proudly British cuisine, featuring delectable mains such as Beef Wellington and Scottish Salmon. The restaurant is also renowned for its popular Britannia Brunch, featuring an array of British favourites, including traditional roasts, fresh salads, and seafood delights.

What sets The Restaurant apart from other Downtown Dubai venues is the unparalleled view of the Burj Khalifa, flooding in from all angles and providing the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments. With its chic ambiance, flawless cuisine, and magnificent views, The Restaurant at Address Downtown is a destination not to be missed.

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CZN Burak Downtown

CZN Burak Downtown is renowned for its extensive menu featuring more than 150 dishes, along with one of the best vibes and services in Downtown. The culinary team has curated an array of kebabs, lamb dishes, salads, fresh mezze, and flaming wood-fired grills, tended to by a dedicated grill master.

The menu includes a variety of starters such as hummus with pastrami, stuffed cabbage rolls, cracked wheat salad, and a special thyme salad, followed by piping hot plates crafted by Chef Burak himself, such as lamb roasted in salt, assorted mixed grills, lamb shank covered with rice in the oven, or lamb neck in the oven. Make sure to leave room for dessert, as the outstanding kunefe and baklavas are made to perfection by Chef Burak himself.

The restaurant is designed to exude a homely ambiance with warm interiors, handmade ovens, and comfortable seating, where you will want to relax for hours. The combination of exceptional food and a welcoming atmosphere is sure to captivate diners and provide an unforgettable experience time and time again.

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