Ronald Khokar

Listing Manager

Ronald brings with him more than 5 years of operations and administration experience in both local & international markets. He possesses in-depth knowledge in the field of real estate. He also has a background in education and has worked as an academic consultant for several leading educational institutes.

His consulting skills proved to be beneficial when he moved to the field of real estate, as he worked for a well-known real estate company in the UAE, managing and heading its Customer Care Department. Upon joining, he transitioned to more of an operational role, managing agent listings for the website. With a drive to deliver an excellent customer service experience, an entrepreneurial mind set and, most importantly, a can-do attitude, Ronald plays a key role in running an efficient and successful Listings department.   

He is highly motivated and a team player through and through, combining his organizational skills with tireless dedication to overcome any challenge thrown at him. He has a long history of working with people of diverse backgrounds and interests, which makes him an ideal fit for the multicultural environment of