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About Rabab

Rabab is known as the smiling face of LuxuryProperty.com and is in charge of the company’s human resources department. She has been with the company since its conception in 2017, having joined as a customer service executive, though it didn’t take her long to progress from that role.

She has a background that includes four years of administrative experience in Kenya. Combining that experience with an innate sense of curiosity, a can-do attitude and an expert ability to multitask, she has quickly become a lynchpin of the operations team.

Rabab manages every aspect of the HR function in the company, including the onboarding process for new team members, updates to office policy, and compliance with labour laws and best practices. She also handles employee relations, providing professional support where needed for every member of the team.  

Rabab enjoys losing herself in the world of fantasy films and TV shows. In the real world, she loves to spend time with her kitten Oreo. When not going on about her love for cats or her obsession with Harry Potter, Rabab enjoys playing badminton, reading and consistently beating people at both board games and video games.

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