Rabab Gulamhussein

PA to the CEO

Rabab is the smiling face of LuxuryProperty.com. She has been with the company since its conception in 2017, having joined as a customer service executive. Bringing with her over four years of administrative experience from the coast of Kenya, Rabab has grown to become a key member of the operations team.

An expert multitasker, she deftly juggles multiple administrative responsibilities without skipping a beat - from answering the phone with her trademark singsong greeting to setting up meetings and planning company events. Rabab’s can-do attitude, organizational brilliance and winning sense of humour are among her strongest assets.  When not immersed into the day-to-day functions of the office, she also takes up other roles that include HR functions, the company Instagram account, a weekly newsletter, dabbling in graphic design and even the occasional bit of content writing - in short, she runs the company.

Rabab is deeply devastated that this year marks the final season for Game of Thrones, but on the other hand is excited to have recently adopted an American Wirehair cat named Cookie. When not going on about her love for cats or her obsession with Harry Potter, Rabab enjoys playing badminton, reading and loves to believe she can beat anyone at video games.