Senior Private Client Advisor

Oksana Semiletova


About Oksana Semiletova

Oksana has been living in Dubai since 2007 and has worked in the luxury sector, where she has dealt primarily with VVIP clients including Hollywood celebrities and political leaders. Transitioning over to real estate, Oksana is a specialist in Downtown Dubai, where she handles some of the district’s most high-profile residential projects.

With a wealth of client service experience that includes hospitality and aviation, Oksana always puts customer satisfaction above all else. She holds a degree in Human Resource Management which, combined with her work experience, equips her to work with a diverse spread of clients.

A consummate professional, Oksana works tirelessly to ensure that she has all of the knowledge and the tools to deliver on what her clients expect, and to find them their ideal home. She has worked in real estate development, so has a keen understanding of the industry and can provide the right kind of guidance based on solid data and a good knowledge of the market.

Cooking is one of Oksana’s primary hobbies – she has a particular passion for East Asian cuisine and loves to try out new recipes as a way to unwind after a long day or week.



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