Mark Watson

Private Client Advisor

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About Mark

Mark is a seasoned professional in Dubai's bustling real estate market. After just a year and a half of experience in the market, he has become a trusted advisor for those seeking their dream homes or lucrative investment opportunities.

Mark's journey began as an English teacher, where he cultivated impeccable communication skills. He now applies these skills to assist clients in the real estate arena. What sets Mark apart is his ability to tailor his guidance based on clients' unique career paths and aspirations, using insights from psychological profiles. His expertise in creating positive impressions in professional settings has earned him a reputation as a sought-after real estate advisor.

Outside of the property market, Mark remains passionate about volunteering at dog shelters, staying updated on the latest real estate tech trends, and sharing his knowledge of design tools with others. He also finds time to delve into psychology studies and occasionally enjoys a game of basketball.

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