Maisie Hopkins

Training and Development Manager

About Maisie

Maisie is a seasoned executive with a strong foundation in training and development within the sales and customer service industry. Her extensive career history includes prominent corporate organizations in the U.K. where her focus leaned heavily towards honing her expertise in training and nurturing talent.

Drawing from her extensive background, Maisie has dedicated herself to training and mentoring new recruits within the BMW Group, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the skills and knowledge of emerging talents.

Building on her substantial experience in both sales and training, Maisie has made a significant impact in the Dubai Real Estate market. Here, she collaborates with both novice and seasoned brokers, providing them with invaluable training, ongoing support, and continuous development. Her focus extends across various facets of real estate, encompassing comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, product knowledge, intricate processes spanning secondary and primary sales and leasing, effective negotiation strategies, sales closing techniques, rigorous qualification processes, and the intricacies of UAE Real Estate regulations, among others.

Maisie's profile is underscored by her exceptional leadership qualities. She possesses the capacity to lead and inspire teams while maintaining a keen sensitivity to the needs of individuals, thereby providing the necessary support where it is most needed. With her commitment to training and development, Maisie plays an instrumental role in fostering growth and excellence within the real estate industry and the company.

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