Swimming Through The Sky: Highest Pools in the World

Written by Kathryn Perry

Swimming in tall infinity pools, ones that overlook the very edge situated at the top floors of skyscrapers or above jungle or mountainscape views, is an exhilarating yet relaxing experience. Peering over into panoramic views of mountains or cityscapes, outdoor infinity swimming pools are a must-have feature to experience on your next resort or hotel stay.

They are called infinity pools because the edge of the water gives the illusion that there is no edge, that it flows into infinity. Usually situated up high, these pools are in an area of the resort or hotel, connected on a high floor, or even suspended from the side of the building, seemingly floating above the ground.

Some features can be ethereal with glass bottoms and sides, feeling suspended in the sky surrounded by water and views. It’s an exciting and daring feeling. Outdoor infinity pools can be found in bustling cities like Dubai, to the secluded and tropical forests of Bali, to mountainous alps in Italy, and more, with each destination offering a unique swimming experience.

1. Panoramic Infinity Pool at Belmond Hotel Caruso


Situated in an 11th century hotel off the Amalfi Coast is a stunning infinity pool with even more stunning views. Surrounded by architectural magnificence and the sea, the pool is connected to a luxurious spa as part of the hotel. You will feel suspended in the sky, floating above the breathtaking views of Italy off the Amalfi Coast.

2. Infinity Pool at Alila Villas Uluwatu


Floating above the lush valley of the Ayung River, this gorgeous emerald-green infinity pool is the perfect place to breath and take in the heavenly views of Bali. A luxurious swim in the heart of the jungle.

3. The Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool Marina Bay Sands


This is the world’s largest infinity pool, sitting on the 57th level of the building. A swim in this pool will give you incredible bird’s eye views of the city, day or night. The swimming pool stretches across the building like a bridge, making it the world’s longest elevated swimming pool with an infinity edge.

4. Private Infinity Pools at Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort


At this serene resort, you can experience the most striking and vast views of the Indian Ocean while swimming in any one of the villa’s secluded infinity pools. In each villa there is a private cliff-like infinity pool for guests to enjoy as part of their stay. Only you and any guests attending with you will get to enjoy the tranquil views from the comfort of your own pool.

5. Rooftop Pool Hôtel des Arts Saigon


This exclusive rooftop infinity pool offers the best views of the sunset each night. You also get incredible views of the city from the rooftop pool, which are especially breathtaking to see at nighttime when the city is lit up. It’s available exclusively for guests in 6-hour windows for a fee and includes a complimentary beverage.

6. Sky Pool at Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus


Perched above the Italian alps in Sorafurcia is a beautiful glass-bottomed pool measuring 25 meters long, which caters to both summer and winter outdoor swimming at the gorgeous Hotel Hubertus and resort. You will feel like you are swimming through the sky in this pool, with its enveloping views and glass-bottom to see below you.

7. Hanging Gardens of Bali


The Hanging Gardens of Bali is home to the most romantic resort in the world tucked away in the heart of the jungle. Included in the resort is a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the jungle with extraordinary views. Each villa has exclusive and private access to the pool, making it a tranquil and luxurious experience while at your stay.

8. The Pool at The Joule Hotel


The most unique feature at The Joule Hotel in Dallas is the projected swimming pool from the side of the building. Guests feel the sensation of swimming off the edge of the building and above the streets below in this protruding swimming pool. It is only 8 feet wide, however, it finds itself high above on the 10th floor and extends onto the balcony for added length.

9. Infinity Pool at Grace Hotel Auberge Resorts


Find amazing views off the cliffs of Santorini in the infinity pool at the Grace Hotel. At 22 meters long, you can swim laps while taking in the sights and soaking in that Grecian sun. The infinity pool at the resort is a complimentary feature for its guests.

10. Infinity Pool at Hotel Villa Honegg


Located in the heart of Switzerland, the Hotel Villa Honegg offers breathtaking mountainous views from their heated outdoor infinity pool. Because they keep it heated, the pool can be enjoyed during any season of the year. It’s a tranquil and private resort and spa so you can find a place to be well-rested and relaxed without distraction.

11. Aura Skypool Lounge


Dubai is home to the highest infinity swimming pool in the world. At 200 meters high, you can enjoy incredible views of the city, and maybe even find yourself in a cloud or two, while swimming in the outdoor infinity pool atop the St. Regis Hotel in Dubai. Open in the morning, afternoon, and night, the SkyPool makes any hour in the pool a memorable and exciting experience.