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Riccardo Scala is Property Finder's Outstanding Agent for Q4 2020

Riccardo Scala is Property Finder's Outstanding Agent

We are delighted to announce that Riccardo Scala, the Head of Luxury Sales & Leasing at, has been named Property Finder’s Outstanding Agent for Rentals in Q4 2020.

This accolade comes as no real surprise to anyone who knows or has worked with Riccardo - he is known for his dedicated work ethic, unparalleled knowledge of the luxury rental market and effortless charm when dealing with colleagues and clients alike.

Since joining our ever-growing team in autumn of last year, Riccardo took no time at all to find his feet within the company and to reaffirm his reputation as one of Dubai's best brokers over the course of the quarter. As one would expect from a luxury leasing powerhouse, the vast majority of his deals were in high-end and sought after areas, including Palm Jumeirah, the Jumeirah district and Bluewaters Island. In addition to working on his own deals, Riccardo has also worked tirelessly to manage and guide the luxury leasing and sales team toward successful transactions.

Rental demand, particularly for luxury villas, skyrocketed in 2020 as prospective tenants sought bigger spaces and more secure homes in the wake of the pandemic. The property market in Dubai hit a new high for transaction volumes in November, and it appears to be showing no signs of letting up. As the UAE achieves the highest vaccination rate per capita in the world and makes preparations for the highly anticipated Expo 2020, it is reinforcing its position as one of the world’s safest cities to live in and an excellent choice for anyone seeking a long-term home.

Just two weeks into 2021, Riccardo has already started closing deals, and we can expect to see another stellar quarterly performance.