Opera District Dubai - A Masterwork in the Making

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Having firmly established itself on the global stage as a key destination for tourism and commerce, Dubai is now turning its eye toward becoming a nerve centre of culture in the Middle East region.

The Opera District, located within the dynamic locality of Downtown Dubai, is to be the physical embodiment of this ambitious initiative. The district will be home to world-class hotels, some of the finest luxury serviced residences in Dubai, and a wide array of art galleries and other venues designed to promote local talent and to attract a global cultural following.

Things You Should Know About Opera District Dubai

1. Overview 2. Dubai Opera House - The Center Piece Of This District
3. A Towering Cast 4. A Full House


1. Overview

Excellence Behind the Scenes

Emaar, one of Dubai’s premier real estate developers, is overseeing the development of the Opera District. To provide a sense of the pedigree involved, Emaar has shaped much of Dubai’s recent urban landscape, especially in the Downtown area.

The developer’s stunning portfolio includes the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping centre; Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, a thriving hub of cafés, restaurants and retail outlets; and the Burj Khalifa, a looming architectural marvel that needs no introduction. The entirety of the district is expected to be ready by July 2020, in time for Expo 2020.


Centre Stage: The Opera House

2. Dubai Opera House - The Center Piece Of This District

The centerpiece of the district is the Dubai Opera, a massive 2,000-seat theatre that easily rivals the Sydney Opera House in scope, if not quite in size. Breaking ground in 2013 and opening its doors to packed houses in the summer of 2016, the Dubai Opera is a unique multi-format entertainment space that doesn’t just limit itself to operatic performances but can adapt its layout to accommodate any large-scale event.


3. A Towering Cast

The Opera District is already becoming one of Dubai’s most sought-after addresses, with several key high-end residential developments in the pipeline, the latest of which was launched just last year. The key ones to look out for are:


Opera Grand: The first development to launch in the district, Opera Grand is a beautiful 66-story tower located but a few steps away from the opera house.

Address Residences Dubai Opera: A twin-tower development of 65 and 55 stories under the banner of the renowned Address Hotels + Resorts, the Address Residences sit right at the entrance to the Dubai Opera and complement its nautical look.

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Il Primo: A 77-storey tower sitting on the northern end of the district, Il Primo enjoys a stunning view of the Burj Lake and the iconic buildings along the lake’s perimeter.

Forte: Comprising two towers of 50 and 70 storeys, Forte sits at the western end of the Opera District, which gives it a sweeping view of the Downtown area and its most iconic landmarks.

Act One/Act Two: This double act 52-storey development is the last of the residential projects to be launched in the district, and sports a unique façade inspired by the vibrant aquatic displays of the Dubai Fountain.


4. A Full House

Downtown Dubai has, in less than a decade, become Dubai’s most fashionable and celebrated area. From the mesmerizing light and sound performances of the Dubai Fountain to the breathtaking New Year’s Eve fireworks display at the Burj Khalifa, from the streetside cafés of Emaar Boulevard to the winding corridors of the Dubai Mall, it provides a complete feast for the senses at all times.

Little wonder then that the Opera District should find its home there, next door to the Burj Khalifa and at the very heart of the city.

Since its official opening in August 2016, the Dubai Opera has drawn rave reviews, and continues to bring in packed audiences by the droves. Once the residences are ready, the district will truly take on a character of its own, setting the stage for Dubai’s cultural pre-eminence.

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