Must-Visit Attractions on Bluewaters Island, Dubai

Written by Silvana Fitzpatrick

Must-Visit Attractions on Bluewaters Island, Dubai

Bluewaters Island is a stunning man-made island situated off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence. The island is a popular tourist destination that boasts a range of attractions, from luxury hotels to world-renowned entertainment venues.

Here are some of the must-visit attractions on Bluewaters Island:

Ain Dubai:

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Ain Dubai, also known as the Dubai Eye, is the world's largest observation wheel, towering at a height of 250 meters. The wheel has 48 passenger capsules, each of which is air-conditioned and can accommodate up to 40 passengers. The capsules offer a 360-degree view of Dubai's iconic landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab. The ride lasts for approximately 38 minutes, and visitors can choose between standard, VIP, or private cabins.

A staggering 9,000 tonnes of steel was used to create the Dubai Eye, 25% more than what was used for the Eiffel Tower. The attraction is a marvel of modern European architecture. The high-tech capsules have been manufactured in Switzerland by Swiss Rides on behalf of the project’s main contractor, Hyundai.

Indulge in the mesmerizing Arabian sunset or the dazzling cityscape at night, all while relaxing in the air-conditioned comfort of a shared capsule-shaped space. Capture stunning shots of iconic landmarks like The Palm, Dubai Marina, and Burj Al Arab using your phone or camera, as the 38-minute ride provides pure entertainment.

For those seeking the ultimate luxury experience, step into a premium cabin and enjoy VIP treatment or savor a range of drinks at the Skybar. The Seaview Lounge at Ain Dubai offers a luxurious check-in process, with the option to choose from three different types of tickets that include beverages. To ensure the best experience, visitors are advised to arrive 45 minutes earlier.

Your Favourite Stars at Madame Tussauds Dubai:

Madame Tussauds is a world-renowned wax museum that showcases lifelike wax figures of celebrities, historical figures, and world leaders. The museum at Bluewaters Island features over 60 wax figures of famous personalities from different walks of life, including actors, musicians, athletes, and political figures. Visitors can pose for selfies with their favourite stars, including Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Queen Elizabeth II.

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Founded in the 1830s by the phenomenal French wax sculptor, Marie Tussauds, the first Madame Tussauds Museum opened in London. Over the years, the popularity of the wax museum grew tremendously, and it now stands as one of the world's most visited sites, with over 20 branches globally, including New York, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Amsterdam. Madame Tussauds Dubai is home to over 60 life-size wax figures of popular international athletes, movie stars, political leaders, and well-known Arab personalities, similar to the other MT Museums.

Each zone at the museum provides a unique experience, such as the elegant afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in her zone. Visitors can also be transformed into a chic fashionista and appear on the covers of famous magazines, take selfies with leading models in The Fashion Zone, or party with their favourite movie and pop stars in the Music Party Zone.

The museum has different zones showcasing various wax figures, such as the Leaders zone with Queen Elizabeth II, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Xi Jingping. The Fashion Zone has wax figures of Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, and Kylie Jenner, while the Film Zone features Jackie Chan, Audrey Hepburn, and Vin Diesel.

Luxury at The Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai:

Caesars Palace is a luxurious hotel situated on Bluewaters Island. The hotel boasts stunning architecture and opulent interiors that reflect the grandeur of ancient Rome. The hotel features a range of amenities, including a private beach, a swimming pool, and a range of restaurants and bars. The hotel's rooms and suites are spacious and elegantly decorated, offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf or the Dubai skyline.

At Caesars Palace Dubai, every guest is treated like royalty with luxurious rooms, celebrity chef restaurants, and top-of-the-line amenities. The hotel offers a range of accommodation options, from relaxed and luxurious stays at the beach club to sophisticated long-term stays at The Residences. Guests can expect beautifully designed guest experiences, elevated by the hotel's award-winning service.

One of the highlights of Caesars Palace Dubai is its private beach, which spans over 500 meters. Guests can relax and soak up the sun while enjoying stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. For those looking to cool off, the hotel has five temperature-controlled pools that offer a refreshing dip in the water.

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Foodies will love Caesars Palace Dubai's dining options, as the hotel boasts 12 restaurants, lounges, and bars that cater to every taste and preference. The hotel's celebrity chef restaurants serve up exquisite dishes, making it a culinary paradise for food lovers.

Guests can also indulge in the hotel's award-winning spa, which offers a range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies. The spa is designed to provide guests with a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, allowing them to unwind and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

With its celebrity chef restaurants, award-winning spa, and beautifully designed guest experiences, Caesars Palace Dubai is the perfect destination for those seeking a royal experience.

Cove Beach:

Cove Beach is a luxurious beach club situated on Bluewaters Island's stunning beachfront. The beach club features a range of facilities, including a swimming pool, a private beach, and a restaurant. Visitors can relax and soak up the sun while enjoying refreshing drinks and snacks. The beach club also hosts regular events, including DJ performances and beach parties.

Dine in at The London Project:

The London Project is a British-inspired restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant features an eclectic menu that blends traditional British cuisine with contemporary flavours. The menu includes a range of dishes, from classic fish and chips to modern twists on British favourites. The restaurant also boasts stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline.

Bluewaters Island: A Must-Visit Destination in Dubai

Bluewaters Island is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Dubai. The island offers a range of attractions, from the world's largest observation wheel to a luxurious beach club and a renowned wax museum. Visitors can dine in at one of the island's fine restaurants, shop for designer brands, or relax in one of the island's luxurious hotels. Bluewaters Island is an ideal destination for families, couples, or solo travellers.


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